Former player Konan Osu has passed away at the age of 32

The football world was shaken by the sad news. Conan Oso died in his homeland. The Ivorian was among others under contract with FC Sion.

The basics in brief

  • Conan Oso died (32).
  • The professional footballer passed away in his native Ivory Coast.
  • According to a friend, his cousin had poisoned the Ivorian.
  • Oussou was under contract with Sion and played at Stade Lausanne-Ouchy.

Great Mourning for Konan Oso (32). The footballer was found dead in Ivory Coast. former player It was reported that FC Sion and Lausanne-Auch was the victim of an assassination attempt.

Recently, Oso played in second place for the Saudi national team league in favor of the bacterium. During the winter holidays, he returned with his family to his homeland New Year’s Eve in order to celebrate. The attacker died on December 3.

Relatives originally assumed that the 32-year-old had an illness He died. However, more detailed investigations came to a different conclusion.

According to Nguyen Minh Chau, who is close to the professional, the former striker was killed by his cousin. Accordingly, it is said that he administered the poison in a glass of wine and offered this Osu to drink. This was also reported by the African media. The motive for the act remains unclear.

Konan Oussou was also under contract with FC Sion in 2019. It was used for Valais but not. Instead, he moved to Stade Lausanne-Ouchy a short time later, where he played a total of 21 games.

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