Former captain Marco Hartmann: Dresden is forbidden to lose! – Third Division

His 1-0 win goal in June 2020 netted Dynamo’s only win at Sandhausen so far. Marco Hartmann (34) ended his football career. Before the next show on Sunday (1.30 p.m.) at SVS, speak up!

“It wasn’t a good win,” Hartmann recalls in the “Rasengeflüster” podcast by Dresden Sports Radio correspondent Jens Umbrett. “Because relegation to the second degree was airtight anyway.”

It’s definitely not too far away tomorrow. Hartmann: “However, this is a crucial match that you absolutely must not lose. Now Dynamo has to deliver results.”

The former audience darling has to do that, too. Not on the field, but at school: A qualified high school teacher (Math/Sports) has been doing his statutory high school sports coaching duties since March.

“The lessons and lesson preparation are a real challenge. But I find it interesting now,” says Harty.

From summer he will take a year off from school. Because then he stops with the wife and kids on a long-planned trip around the world!

“The start is in Canada, and it’s already booked,” Hartmann reveals. “Then there are a lot of ideas. The West Coast of the USA, Costa Rica, Mexico and on the other side of the world Southeast Asia, New Zealand, Australia. It’s going to be a very tough time.”

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