Foreign Trade – The United States criticizes the European Union’s climate protection plans for import trade

The United States is warning of European Union plans to impose environmental taxes on imports. US special envoy for climate protection John Kerry of the Financial Times said on Friday that such a survey could be only a last resort and would have serious implications for the economy, international relations and trade. The European Union is considering taxing some goods imported from countries with lower environmental standards.

This is to prevent distorting the competition. Additional VAT charges, import duties, and expansion of trade in carbon dioxide emissions rights to other countries are being discussed.

US President Joe Biden wants to focus more on climate protection than his predecessor and has brought the United States back to the Paris Agreement. However, Kerry was reluctant to accept the French proposal that the United States and the European Union should develop a joint environmental financing system. “It goes without saying that the United States has a great interest in preventing excessive regulation,” Kerry told the newspaper. (Abba)

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