December 2, 2023

Ford Fleet Management: Services for Fleet Operators

Ford Fleet Management: Services for Fleet Operators

ALD, Ford, and Ford Bank have launched a company that provides mobility services to fleet operators.

Ford Fleet Management is the name of a new business unit jointly created by Ford and ALD Automotive. Similar to the introduction in the UK and France, mobility providers now want to expand their partnership in Germany. Ford Fleet Management aims to improve the productivity of commercial organizations of all sizes through tailored mobility services, for example by keeping customer fleets related to service downtime as short as possible.

Ford Fleet Management is part of the launch of Ford Pro, a new global offering from Ford aimed at commercial customers with fleets of all sizes. Ford Fleet Management products and services are supported by a digital and connected systems platform.

With Ford Fleet Management, customers should receive everything from one source. A complete solution is offered for ordering, financing and managing vehicles throughout their lifecycle. This includes products and services developed by Ford and Ford Fleet Management that are designed to keep their customers’ businesses mobile at all times. In addition to the Ford product suite, passenger cars and light commercial vehicles from other manufacturers can also be supplied, so customers with multi-brand fleet contracts can also benefit from Ford Fleet Management’s suite of services.

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