For the first time, three referees in the World Cup

Frappart, 38, last made headlines a week ago when she became the first woman to officiate a match at Real Madrid. The Frenchwoman, who has been a FIFA referee since 2011, has made several debuts in men’s football in recent years. At the international level, two years ago she became the first woman to play in the Nations League and Champions League and a year later became the first woman to officiate a World Cup qualifier.

Frappart said in an interview that she never aspired to be a pioneer. However, due to several premieres in recent years, she is now firmly rooted in her character. So she is used to pressure and “special monitoring” of her performance.

Like Frappart, Yoshimi Yamashita and Salema Mukansanga are pioneers in their confederations. Mukansanga, 34, became the first woman to officiate a match at the Africa Cup of Nations in January, while Yamashita, 36, became the first woman to officiate both the J-League and AFC Champions League this year.

In addition to the three main rulers, there were also three assistants: Neuza Back from Brazil, Karen Diaz Medina from Mexico, and Kathryn Nesbitt from the USA. “I hope that the appointment of elite referees for important men’s competitions will not be an exciting thing very soon, but rather a natural thing,” said Pierluigi Collina, Chairman of the FIFA Referees Committee. The women have consistently performed well. “That’s what matters to us.”

There are no representatives for Switzerland among the 36 referees, 69 assistant referees and 24 referees for video matches. If you add the European Championships, it is the sixth major tournament in a row without the participation of Switzerland.

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The last Swiss referee at the World Cup was Massimo Busacca, who officiated matches in South Africa in 2010. However, this may soon change. A year ago, Sandro Schreier was promoted to UEFA’s elite class for the first time since Busacca’s resignation.

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