June 23, 2024

For Sale by Hackers – Millions of online users have discovered your LinkedIn data

Once again, data from millions of users appeared on the Internet. This time, the recruitment network LinkedIn has reportedly been affected by the leak.

The seller on the Haker forum claims the data came from the LinkedIn recruitment network. (Icon image)

Photo: Christian Butler (Keystone)

A few days after information from some 533 million Facebook members were discovered online, a dataset that allegedly contained half a billion user data was presented to a hacker forum. This time LinkedIn is affected.

The seller claims the information came from the recruitment network LinkedIn, as reported by Cybernews previously. After a Friday night investigation, LinkedIn confirmed that it appeared to be a dataset from various sources. On LinkedIn, publicly available information has been wiretapped only for this purpose.

The data is auctioned off the Internet

Basic information such as full name, email address, phone number, date of birth, or the city in which one lives on the Internet is often used to clearly identify acquaintances and friends. It is usually invisible to other users, but can be compared across computer interfaces.

However, cybercriminals have repeatedly found ways to gain access to information on a large scale via automated inquiries. The platforms are taking action against it – but once the data is circulated, it cannot be stopped from spreading.

The Over the weekend, phone numbers and email addresses of 533 million Facebook users were discovered According to the Internet, the search for friends functionality was abused before the platform closed a vulnerability in the summer of 2019.

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The alleged LinkedIn data seller initially put only 2 million records online and auctioned the entire package, “Cybernews” reported. LinkedIn has been a part of Microsoft since 2016.