June 23, 2024

For Joe Biden, the acquittal of Donald Trump is "the end of a sad chapter."

For Joe Biden, the acquittal of Donald Trump is “the end of a sad chapter.”

aUS President Joe Biden has classified the acquittal of his predecessor, Donald Trump, as “the end of a sad chapter” in American history. “Even if the recent vote does not lead to an indictment, the substance of the claim is indisputable,” Biden said in a statement distributed by the White House late Saturday night. 57 senators found former President Trump guilty of “inciting a deadly revolution against our democracy.”

In a brief review of the presidential election questioned by Trump and the events that followed, which ultimately led to the storming of the Capitol on January 6 and the killing of five, Biden spoke of a “sad chapter in our history.” This showed that democracy is fragile and must always be defended.

“The nation’s soul must be healed.”

Now this conflict must end and heal the nation’s soul. Biden warned that “this is the task ahead of us, which we must deal with together.” Biden concluded with the word “Like the United States of America” ​​and emphasized “United.”

The Senate had acquitted Trump in the impeachment proceedings of the charge of “incitement to riot.” A majority of 57 senators voted to convict the Republican on Saturday, but missed the two-thirds majority of 67 votes needed to convict the Senate. 50 Democrats and seven Republicans have voted to convict Trump.

Trump himself was happy and used his acquittal to declare that his political movement was only in its infancy and described the judicial proceedings against him as a “witch hunt.” “Our historical, patriotic and beautiful movement to make America great again has only just begun,” the Republican said. Trump thanked the Republican senators for their acquittal. The Democrats tried to undermine the rule of law.

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