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Football World Cup 2022: This is the table in Group B

Football World Cup 2022: This is the table in Group B

England, Iran, USA and Wales will compete in Group B of the World Cup in Qatar. All information about favorites, schedule and results can be read here.

Meeting in Group B FootballWorld Cup 2022 England, Iran, America And Wales to each other. Who are the favourites, what is the schedule and what are the results? Here we tell you everything important.

England, Iran, USA or Wales: Who is the favorite in Group B?

England national team are favorites in Group B. However, “Three Lions” needs to be significantly improved. A few weeks ago, the “Three Lions” were relegated from League A in the UEFA Nations League without a win. Things didn’t go well for group opponents Wales either. With one point from six games, relegation from League A was also sealed. Either the United States or Iran could take advantage of the weak form of the two teams from the British Isles. The U.S. has advanced through the preliminary rounds of three of the last four World Cups in which they have qualified. Iran, on the other hand, did not advance beyond the group stage.

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Group B match schedule for 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Here you can see when the teams in Group B will play against each other in the World Cup:

Date Time game As a result
Monday, 11/21/2022 14 hours England – Iran
Monday, 11/21/2022 8 pm USA – Wales
Friday, 11/25/2022 11 o’clock Wales – Iran
Friday, 11/25/2022 8 pm England – America
Tuesday, 11/29/2022 8 pm Iran – USA
Tuesday, 11/29/2022 8 pm Wales-England

These are UK figures

  • Previous World Cup Participation: 15
  • Biggest World Cup win: World Champion 1966
  • FIFA World Ranking: 5th
  • Qualification: 1st place in European Qualifying Group I (Opponents: Poland, Albania, Hungary, Andorra, San Marino)

These are the statistics of Iran

  • Previous World Cup Participation: 5
  • Biggest World Cup win: Group Stage 1978, 1998, 2006, 2014, 2018
  • FIFA World Ranking: 20th
  • Qualification: First place in Asian Group A (Opponents: South Korea, UAE, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon)

These are US statistics

  • Previous World Cup Participation: 10
  • Biggest World Cup win: Semi-final, third place in 1930
  • FIFA World Ranking: 16
  • Qualification: 3rd place in Final Round North and Central America

Those are statistics for Wales

  • Previous World Cup Participation: 1
  • Biggest World Cup win: Quarter-final in 1958
  • FIFA World Ranking: 19th
  • Qualification: 1-0 in playoff final against Ukraine

Results Group B: Here’s how the teams fared in the FIFA World Cup

During the match you can see all the news (results, injured players, current table constellation and more) in the live ticker:

Football World Cup 2022 on TV and Live Stream: When and where will Germany games be broadcast live from Qatar?

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