Football – Marius Muller is the big champion – Lucerne team won 2-1 in Lugano after extra time and they are in the cup semi-finals.


Marius Muller is the big champion – Lucerne team won 2–1 after extra time in Lugano and they are in the Cup semi-finals.

For a long time, the Lucerne experience was not successful at Ticino, but then Pascal Shurpf fired from scratch and Fabio Celestini’s team scored the winning goal in overtime. The hero of the game is Marius Muller, with an assist and a penalty kick.

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Short report

In the starting stage it is a tactical method with no clear scoring opportunities. Lucerne’s team, coach Fabio Celestini, plays 4-4-2 instead of waiting and waiting without pressing the opponent’s half. Just under 18 minutes later, FCL goalkeeper Marius Muller needs to defend against Asuma Abubakar’s shot for the first time. A little later, Muller could not do anything: after a foul from Sylvain Seidler, Lugano (20) leads – Mattia Botany serves scorer Sandy Lovric.

Lovric leads Lugano …

Bild: Pablo Giannenazi / Kisston / T-Press

... and the Jubilee run begins.

… and the Jubilee run begins.

Bild: Pablo Giannenazi / Kisston / T-Press

FCL defender Seidler immediately after receiving an exclamation point: his long-range shot hit the crossbar. Just over half an hour later, Stefan Knezevic can block the second goal of Luganese with an intervention – Botany waits a long time for his shot. 1-0 for the home team at break time, which is clearly the better team.

FC Lucerne advanced at the start of the second half with more parts of the match, but Lugano’s defense is very stable and hardly allows scoring opportunities. With three changes after an hour of play, Celestini tries to bring new momentum to his team – with Wehrmann, Schweigler and Alabi stepping onto the field. But it’s still a game without a lot of highlights because Lucerne can’t and front-runner Lugano doesn’t have to. Pascal Schorbf suddenly equalized in the 79th minute: his shot from the left sideline, which was probably aimed at a cross, slipped over its stalk and found its way onto the goal. The wind definitely helped – Sebastian Osigoy at Lugano Gate looks unhappy.

The Lucerne people rejoice at the somewhat strange equation of Pascal Schorbf.

The Lucerne people rejoice at the somewhat strange equation of Pascal Schorbf.

Photo: Martin Meinberger

It stays at 1: 1 after 90 minutes and three minutes into injury time. He goes to overtime, twice 15 minutes. In the first half of that extra time it’s hardly dangerous in front of goal. Even shortly before the break, when substitute Joaquin Ardales sent a cross from Sabbatini to the post – Lugano’s bad luck, Lucerne’s luck.

After a short break, the visiting team took the lead in the 107th minute: Julie Muller with a long kick, Brahima Ndiaye escaped Lugano’s defense and scored. In the last minute of extra time, Marius Muller finally becomes the hero of the game: he takes a penalty kick from Lugano, thus remaining a win for Lucerne’s team, bringing him to the semi-finals of the Cup.

Goalkeeper Marius Muller greets and celebrates goal scorer Ibrahima Ndiaye, Samuel Alabi (hidden) and Stefan Kenzevic.

Goalkeeper Marius Muller greets and celebrates goal scorer Ibrahima Ndiaye, Samuel Alabi (hidden) and Stefan Kenzevic.

Bild: Martin Meinberger / Fresh Fox (Lugano, 13. April 2021)

Marius Muller – Stretch by Pictures

Summary in the video

Live tape for reading

The telegram

Lugano – Lucerne 1: 2 (1: 0, 0: 1) nV
Cornaredo. – No bystanders. – SR Berry.
rip: 20- Lovrik (Botany) 1: 0. 79- Schürpf 1: 1. 107. Nidaye (Muller) 1: 2.
Lugano: Usage. Marek, Ziegler, Dabriella (112, Factuity); Lavanchy, Custodio (85. Macek), Sabbatini, Lovric (112 Lungoyi); Bhutani (46. Kofilo); Gerndt (70. Ardaiz), Abu Bakr.
Lucerne: Miller. Sidler (63rd Schwegler), Lucas, Knezevic, Frydek (91st Burch); Greether (63 Ferman), Amini (63 Albi); Tasar, Schwab (109 Alunga), Ndiaye; Prospect.
Notes: Lugano without AUS (injured), Lucerne without Sorjic, Schulz, Ndengi and Pinus (all injured). 105. Ardaes’ head collided with the post. 122. Marek missed Mueller’s penalty.
Warnings: 34. Sabbatini, 53. Gerndt, 82. Schwegler, 82. Wehrmann, 97. Ardaiz, 101. Lavanchy, 116. Alabi (all errors).


The draw for the semi-finals of the cup will follow on Wednesday evening. The championship continues for FC Lucerne on Saturday. The relegation battle was announced at St. Gallen. The game starts at 8:30 pm.

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