Football – Manchester City won the League Cup for the fourth time in a row

Football – Manchester City wins the League Cup for the fourth time in a row – NÖ

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The decisive goal for the Nationals, who also reached the Champions League in the semi-finals of the title race, was marked by Emeric Laporte in the 82nd minute. Manchester were top in the first half by one side and set up a number of chances, but he did not score. City was clearly better in the second 45 minutes as well, but he had to wait a long time before Laporte made the decision.

With a fourth success, ManCity tied for Liverpool’s record. The Reds won the League Cup four times in a row, from 1981 to 1984.

The Final was part of a government pilot program to test the return of large numbers of spectators to sporting events. In the FA Cup Final on May 15, even 21,000 spectators will be allowed into the 90,000-seat Wembley Stadium.

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