Football, Gossip, Betrayal: Colin Rooney Wins Player Wives Trial

Football, Gossip, and Betrayal: The long-running dispute presented everything causing a stir in Great Britain. The two prominent dissidents also testified. So now the judicial final – shortly before the European Women’s Football Championship final in London, a lot of people followed in England, some amused, some shaking their heads.

Questions remain. Did Rebecca Vardy let her agent go to The Sun out of jealousy or envy? In text messages, the two discussed what the press might be interested in. Vardy previously shared stories about other celebrities with the media, at that time she explained them with naivety and immaturity. This is also why I was shocked when Rooney made the allegations public.

Judge Stein can understand the reaction. “Ms. Vardy’s role in disclosing information to The Sun seemed to me to be reckless and not part of a deliberate and coordinated business exercise,” Stein said. Their conclusion: the plaintiff had deceived himself above all else.

Coleen Rooney, whose husband Wayne is now a coach in the US, wants the case closed. She said: “While I am not angry with Ms Vardy, today’s ruling makes it clear that I was correct in what I wrote in my October 2019 publications.” She never wanted to go to court, but Vardy refused all efforts to come to an agreement. Things are now too expensive for the wife of Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy. The Palestinian Authority News Agency estimates the court’s cost at three million pounds (3.57 million euros). Vardy will have to carry most of it.

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