June 14, 2024

Football - Gnabry: 'Intrinsic Motivation' for Wembley Kick - Sport

Football – Gnabry: ‘Intrinsic Motivation’ for Wembley Kick – Sport

Herzogenaurach (AFP) – Four goals against Tottenham. Two goals against Chelsea. When footballer Serge Gnabry comes to London, the British are worried.

That shouldn’t change in the second round of the European Championship on Tuesday (6pm / ARD and MagentaTV) at the legendary Wembley. This time the 25-year-old is returning to his old adopted home with the German national team rather than Bayern Munich, having once moved to Arsenal as a youngster. But that shouldn’t change anything about Tor-Lust in the UK.

“I can’t give an exact recipe to anyone,” Gnabry said on Saturday, explaining what he achieved in London with Bayern in the Champions League. “It’s going well so far.” In EM, it’s time to aim for Gnabry. Zero is still there. He did a lot of sprinting in all three group matches. He rarely came to the dangerous area. Against France, he had a single German chance to equalise.

However, the waiting time is nothing to worry about for “Always-Player” Joachim Loew. Gnabry doesn’t seem to be paid anyway. He listened intently to the tournament’s still goalless Thomas Muller, who sat on the podium in front of him at Saturday’s press conference and reported on the great “patience” the striker must have.

Muller spoke about England striker Harry Kane, who did not score a goal. The words also apply to Gnabry, who recently contributed one goal to the European Championship test against Latvia (7-1) and has three international goals this season. With 16 goals in 25 international matches, he is far ahead in terms of odds with 0.64 goals in the DFB squad. “I hope I can score against England,” he said before his first personal show at Wembley.

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Gnabry is currently larger than life size on billboards in large German cities, indicating that nothing is impossible. There is talk of a footballer who reached the top but saw himself working for ‘society’. This suits Gnabry, who, unlike titular characters like Leroy Sané, is somewhat reserved. At the headquarters of the Franconian team, he belongs to the rather quiet guitar group.

This has nothing to do with the phlegm of Gnabry, who sometimes uses a foreign word like “internal drive” when talking about intrinsic motivation to achieve goals. In general football knowledge, he still has gaps, which former world champion Christoph Kramer and Per Mertesacker relentlessly revealed in a video contest published by the Football Association. Andy Brehme, as suspected, was not the top scorer in the 1996 European Championships, but twice Oliver Bierhoff.

Gnabry responded wrongly: “Oh my God, I’m sorry.” He was quick-witted. What is the weight of the European Cup (12.2 kg)? No idea! “I can tell you on July 11th,” Gnabry replied. The European Championship finals will take place at Wembley on Sunday.

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