July 14, 2024

Football – Dortmund – A cheerleading actor announces more protests – a sport

Football – Dortmund – A cheerleading actor announces more protests – a sport

Dortmund (AFP) – Fans may continue to protest against commercial excesses in football even after successful opposition to the Premier League plans. Jacob Schultz, one of the players, said: “When the fans come to the stadiums again, there will be loud protests. Last week it showed that we simply cannot leave the game to the markets. I have the impression that a lot of players are still blind because of greed.” Heads of the fans division of Borussia Dortmund, “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung”.

Schulz also believes that UEFA’s plans to reform the UEFA Champions League are questionable: “Restructuring the competition will widen the gap between big and small clubs in European football. For example, because some clubs will be given the opportunity to participate in the UEFA Champions League through a laboratory rule if You missed an athletic qualification. ” As of 2024, there will be 36 teams playing there instead of 32, with each team playing ten matches instead of six group matches.

Scholz sees critical fans are currently absorbed by the big associations. Statement by IOC President Thomas Bach that football fans “defended values-based sports organizations” during their protest against the Premier League, described it as a “slap in the face”.

“Associations like the International Olympic Committee, which are subject to many allegations in the field of corruption, are not partners with whom we are on the same side. UEFA (European Football Association) and European Club Association (ECA) are also now facing themselves as the savior of football. But the truth is. Is that we have completely different goals: We want to make football more sustainable and more conducive to all of us. This was never about associations, ”Schulz said.

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Politicians must also share responsibility for “protecting football as a cultural asset” https://www.sueddeutsche.de/sport/. “Ordinary citizens have understood what the whole thing is aiming for, and that could be a trigger for something new. They are recently politicians in Great Britain calling for the inclusion of what made us the most resistant to the Premier League in Germany, and that makes us a bit proud,” Schulz said.

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