Football: Calajdic before returning after infection with the virus

Kalajdzic had tested positive at the end of July, and another tested positive after a two-week quarantine. The 24-year-old returned to team training on Tuesday. “Sasa looks very lively and is also an option for the team. He is not an option in the starting line-up,” VFB coach Pellegrino Matarazzo said on Thursday. According to Matarazzo, the Vienna team could have played “maybe 20 minutes”.

Marcel Sabitzer is also expected to be on the other side. The Leipzig captain missed training at the start of the week due to issues with his adductor muscle, but he should be ready for action. Change rumors are circulating around Sabitzer, who is still linked to RB until the end of June 2022, and Bayern Munich should have serious interest. In the season opener 0-1 against Mainz, only the ÖFB attacking player was substituted.

Coaches unite with their love for football

The first meeting of American coaches in the history of the Bundesliga is also the subject of media attention. Former Salzburg Jesse Marsh claims Matarazzo with Leipzig. They both share a love of football – but their story is different. It wasn’t long ago that Marsh didn’t recognize fellow countryman Matarazzo.

At that time they were still in the second grade, Matarazzo worked as an assistant coach at TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, and Marsh was technical director Ralph Rangnick’s company at RB Leipzig. When the two teams met in the Bundesliga, a 1.98-meter giant suddenly stood next to Marsh shortly before the match. “A few years ago in Hoffenheim a tall guy came up to me and said with a fine American accent, ‘Jesse, how are you?’” said Marsh. “At first I thought of this?” Only a short time later she clicked.

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In the 1990s they met as students in the United States, defense specialist Matarazzo met his university team on a somewhat more offensive career. Many years later, a curious meeting of training assistants at Hoffenheim followed, and the joint meeting now culminated.

Two American coaches in the first division is a new thing

Marsh was very impressed with the game: “A few years ago it was inconceivable that American coaches would have a team in a major league.” Football is not as popular in the United States as it was in the 1990s. But when compared to sports like basketball, ice hockey, baseball, and soccer, soccer in the United States still lags far behind. However, Matarazzo and Marsh made it to the top as coaches.

Leipzig coach Jesse Marsh

Apa / Torsten Sells

Marsh is already looking forward to a training duel with his compatriot

Her football talent was an admission ticket to two of the most famous universities in the country. In addition to studying applied mathematics, the 43-year-old Matarazzo played football for the team at the prestigious Columbia University in New York. a map. Rangnick brought the former MLS 2018 professional career to Leipzig, where he began his rise to the Bundesliga via Red Bull Salzburg.

Matarazzo, UEFA Champions League coach

Thanks to VfB, Matarazzo has earned the trust of a professional team for the first time in 2019. And VfB officials trust him more. “Pellegrino Matarazzo is our best. Renault becomes one hundred percent coach of the Champions League. He has everything for that,” said sporting director Sven Mislintat shortly before the start of the season.

Stuttgart coach Pellegrino Matarazzo applauds the players

APA / AFP / Thomas Kinzel

For Stuttgart Meslintatt sporting director Matarazzo (centre) “the coach of the Champions League is one hundred percent”

But first and foremost, Matarazzo wants to upset fellow American fencing partner Marsh. After 0:1 on the first match day in Mainz, title contender RB is under pressure against league leaders VfB. Matarazzo of all people could spoil his countryman at first.

German Bundesliga, second round

Friday 20 August:
Leipzig Stuttgart 8:30 pm
Saturday, August 21:
Freiburg Dortmund 3:30 pm.
Frankfurt Augsburg 3:30 pm.
Hertha Berlin Wolfsburg 3:30 pm.
Bochum Mainz 3:30 pm.
Forth Bielefeld 3:30 pm.
Leverkusen Mönchengladbach 6:30 pm
Sunday, August 22:
Hoffenheim Union Berlin 3:30 pm.
Bayern Munich Cologne 5.30 pm


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