June 24, 2024

“Flight Simulator 2024” will be released in November with civil aviation

Microsoft’s “Flight Simulator 2024” will be released on November 19. Microsoft announced the release date with the release of a new trailer. The new flight simulator will be available for Xbox Series Additionally, Game Pass subscribers can travel directly to the launch of the game at no additional charge.


In the new trailer, Microsoft is reinforcing the focus on simulating flight functionality, which was already shown in the first trailer. While in the current “Flight Simulator” you fly primarily for fun, in “Flight Simulator 2024” you can choose specific missions. For example, you can fly a helicopter for air rescue or transport cargo.

In the new trailer, Microsoft also shows the planes being used to irrigate fields, fly around advertising banners, and on rescue missions on the high seas. You can also recommend yourself as a charter service as a VIP private pilot in a pink suit and sunglasses. Civil aviation also features prominently on the Airbus A330.

The level of detail in the new flight simulator is so great that the photo mode is worth it not only at dizzying heights, but also on the ground: in the trailer, for example, you can see a deer being photographed in the forest. Additionally, the new version of the flight simulator appears to represent the different seasons. According to Microsoft, “Flight Simulator 2024” will offer the largest selection of aircraft and the most comprehensive depiction of airports to date.

(Image: Microsoft)

“Flight Simulator 2024” is a stand-alone game and does not replace the flight simulator released in 2020. The title is once again being developed by French studios Asobo, which draws a detailed map of the game world – that is, the entire globe – using data from Bing Maps from Microsoft.


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