Flight Cancellations at Christmas: Lufthansa Missing Pilots

Since Lufthansa pilots on the Airbus A330 and A340 are missing in Frankfurt, some flights will have to be canceled during the holidays – especially to the USA.

Shortly before the Christmas holidays, Lufthansa canceled flights. as aero.de Want to know, there is a shortage of pilots for the Airbus A330 and A340 from Frankfurt Airport on the crane. There is supposed to be a “very high disease rate” among the pilots, the company was said to have announced. This now results in flight cancellations and rebookings, especially on flights to the USA. In addition, the flight plan can be weakened accordingly. The crane speaks of “extreme difficulties”.

Lufthansa appeals to the remaining pilots

In Lufthansa there are problems on the long distance roads before the holiday because the crane is short of staff. As a result, many flights to the United States have already been cancelled. More precisely, the company says that Lufthansa pilots of the Airbus A330 and A340 will be missing from Frankfurt Airport, which has a “very high disease rate”, according to the company. That’s why Lufthansa is said to have switched over to the remaining A330 and A340 pilots so they can be happy if “especially from December 23-26, 2021.” […] One of them can still handle the trading.”

Lufthansa Airbus A340
Lufthansa lacks pilots for the Airbus A340 and A330.

Creating a to-do list, without many satisfactory reports, caused “extreme difficulties” at Lufthansa. Especially in the case of transactions that require quarantine on flights between mid-December and the beginning of January next year. All this means that Lufthansa “no longer sees itself in a position to manage all revolutions”, the crane is said to have said in a call to aero.de. It also states that the crew site is already working on “scenarios to mitigate the flight plan”.

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In accordance with the current situation, Lufthansa has canceled some intercontinental flights. As mentioned earlier, routes to the United States are mainly affected, including Boston, Houston and Washington. The company would now like to rebook the affected passengers. According to an airline spokesperson, the plan was “planned with a very large buffer buffer”, but that was not enough for the “extremely high disease rate”.

Conclusion on the situation at Lufthansa

At a completely inopportune time, Lufthansa has to cancel a number of flights because the flight crew has run out. From Frankfurt onwards, the crane lost some pilots deployed on the Airbus A330 and A340. This mainly affects routes to the United States, which means that a large number of flights here will have to be cancelled. In addition, the current situation could also have an impact on the future flight program, which threatens to mitigate. How long this situation will last can not be expected yet.

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