November 28, 2023

Fleet electrification: Nikola gets its first lease in the US: Tri-Eagle Sales takes delivery of an electric truck | newsletter

Tri-Eagle Sales rents ten Nikola Tre BEVs

Ring Power is supposed to provide the necessary infrastructure for vehicles

Tri-Eagle Sales takes the first step towards electrifying the fleet

Tri-Eagle Sales becomes Nikola’s first rental customer

Tri-Eagle Sales has been one of the leading beverage wholesalers in North and North Central Florida since 1966. Spread over two locations in Tallahassee and Ocala, the company employs more than 200 beverage professionals and has more than 2,000 retail customers in 14 regions. Nikola is now a leading developer and manufacturer of heavy-duty battery electric vehicles (BEV), fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) and energy infrastructure solutions, and reports on the collaboration with the beverage wholesaler. Tri-Eagle Sales will be Nicholas’ first customer, according to the vehicle manufacturer’s press release. An agreement has been reached on a rental model for ten Nikola Tre BEV cars.

Ring Power organizes sales, repairs, maintenance and power infrastructure

The lease model is handled by Ring Power. The report said the US company, which sells heavy machinery, will organize the sale, upcoming repairs, maintenance and infrastructure needed for the leased vehicles. “This is expected to be a true turnkey solution with the goal of providing Tri-Eagle zero-emissions transportation with the support of first-class dealers,” said Pablo Cuisner, President of Nikola Energy and Commercial. The first vehicles are scheduled to be delivered in 2022.

Tri-Eagle wants to contribute to protecting the environment

“At Tri-Eagle, we want to leave the environment in which we operate as we found it – or better. Partnering with Ring Power and Nikola is a natural next step for us as it reflects our commitment to innovation and the environment,” said the beverage company’s Chief Executive Officer, Tripp Transou. The first beverage distributors in the U.S. to begin electrifying its fleet.Ring Power President David Alban is also pleased to collaborate with Nikola and Tri-Eagle. “Tri-Eagle’s first order for battery-powered trucks is evidence of the company’s willingness to work with Nikola and Ring Power to add zero-emission vehicles to their fleet.”

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