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Tel Aviv (AFP) – In Israel, a woman with two wombs gave birth to twins. Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv said a baby grew in every womb. The twins had “meet” for the first time after birth.

The woman was reportedly born with a double uterus (uterus delphis). With this deformity there are two separate uterus and cervix. The clinic said that in the specific case, the uterus also splits in the middle.

Pregnancy with twins is extremely rare under these circumstances. This particular constellation occurs with a probability of about one in a million.

Not easy to carry

The 31-year-old woman was closely monitored during a high-risk pregnancy, and the twins were born by caesarean section at the 35th week.

According to the clinic, the mother said she first learned of her special medical condition when she was 20. Long before becoming pregnant, she feared “the baby would grow in the smaller right womb.” But then things went differently: “During the first pregnancy check, the doctor almost passed out. It took ten minutes to tell me I had a fetus in each womb.”

The mother said that the pregnancy was accompanied by great fears. But: “The twins – a boy and a girl – are so cute and adorable, and I’m sure they’d be best siblings and friends even though they just met.”

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