March 1, 2024

Pflegeheime für ältere Menschen

Five projects to create supportive spaces for elderly residents in the UK

UKRI supports many projects ensuring that homes, offices and communities “work for us as we age”.


Karl Tomsk

Sustainable, technology-based and supportive homes for older people have been promoted by the £23m UK Research & Innovation Challenge for Healthy Aging.

UKRI has selected five projects designed to “ensure that we can all live healthier, more useful and connected into old age” while reducing the gap between the experiences of the richest and the poorest.

The five projects are:

Blackwood neighborhoods for independent living

Led by Scottish housing and care company Blackwood Homes and Care, the project will operate in three pilot neighborhoods to enable people to live independently, stay connected, and have choice and control over service delivery.

People in the three regions – Charleston in Dundee, Cardonald in Glasgow and Bucky in Murray – will have access to new homes, a design guide to improving, modifying and adapting existing homes and future home designs.

Blackwood will also provide accessible outdoor spaces as well as sustainable energy and transportation to support residents’ well-being and reduce their CO2 footprint.

tribal project

Software company Bronze Labs launched the Tribe project to combat national inequality in care at the local level. Part of his solution is a digital platform that can map and predict “dark spots” in care where home care either fails or does not exist.

The project will also recruit and train people in areas with low economic activity and high demand for public services so that they can set up small businesses organized as joint ventures to provide care.

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Healthy home, healthy life

With 1.6 million older homeowners living in ‘inappropriate’ homes, the social enterprise London Rebuilding Society designs ‘affordable and person-centred’ homes. LRS will launch new financial products to add value to homes and lend against the future value of upgraded properties to ensure homeowners can afford renovations.

The owners are involved in the design of their home changes including:

  • power adjustments
  • Access to renewable energies
  • Intelligent Energy Monitoring Technologies
  • Assistive technologies

homes to live in

Starting in the Midlands, the project offers free or partially funded home renovations to enhance the mobility and freedom of seniors while at the same time supporting their independence in the home.

The project is a collaboration between E.ON, Newcastle University, Invisible Creations and ADL Smartcare. E.ON will build on its existing work and introduce free and partially funded energy efficiency measures.

Company health is important الشركة

The collaboration between Active Lancashire and the University of Central Lancashire will train gym and recreation center staff to perform physical and mental health assessments in workplaces across the country.

George McGuinness, Director of the Healthy Aging Challenge at UKRI, said: “The scale and breadth of these projects is impressive. Together they deal with topics as diverse as whether the built environment is right for us in aging, long-term health in the workplace, financial products for seniors, and supply gaps.

“We have specifically funded innovative and scalable projects to achieve our goal of ensuring that we all have the opportunity to live healthier, more connected and more productive into old age.”

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