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Hamburg (dpa) – The recommendations of the International Council for Marine Research (ICES) on sustainable fishing in the North Sea are sometimes too strict from the point of view of German fishermen. For some stocks, scientific data has shown significant increases, and for other stocks there are recommendations to reduce rations, the Association of German Catchers and Coastal Fishermen in Hamburg reported Thursday. “Scientific representations based on model calculations do not always agree with fisheries perceptions.”

Chairman Dirk Sander called for “a science that conforms as closely as possible to reality.” According to scientific recommendations, 50 percent more fish should be produced and eaten for an eco-friendly diet. “Then we should actually be able to take advantage of sustainable fishing opportunities and not just base our supply on imports.”

The association cites North Sea fish as an example of the mixed assessments by the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas and Fisheries. “In the northern part in particular, there are many good and increasing events to be found,” the statement said. “However, science recommends a 10 percent reduction.” There is also a stable hunting mode for this. “It is not clear to the fisheries that a further reduction in the quota of 24 percent as in the previous year would be necessary to ensure sustainable management.”

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