April 13, 2024

First training session in Kitzbühel - Hirscher makes a "return" - Hintermann is the eighth best Swiss sport

First training session in Kitzbühel – Hirscher makes a “return” – Hintermann is the eighth best Swiss sport


Marcel Hirscher caused a surprise in his first downhill practice session on Streif. The Swiss take it easy.

After amazing races at the Lauberhorn, the first practice before the classic downhill on the Streif was immediately a highlight in store: eight-time World Cup all-around winner Marcel Hirscher made an amazing comeback. However, Hirscher was only on the road in Kitzbühel as a major on Wednesday afternoon.

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SRF shows Descendants of the two men on Streif on Friday and Saturday (from 11:15 a.m.) live on SRF Zwei and in the Sports app. You can also catch the meandering slalom on Sundays live from 10:15 a.m. (second round 1:15 p.m.) on the usual channels.

“The athletic allure of conquering Streif has always been on my list,” said the 32-year-old. The local champion also plans to start as the lead in the second practice session on Thursday and in the downhill races on Friday and Saturday.

Results 1st downhill training Kitzbühel

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1. Alexander Kielde (N) 1:56.54. 2. Matteo Marsaglia (Italy) and Matthias Mayer (Australia) 0.22 behind. 4. Christoph Einrhofer (ITA) 0.33. 5. Daniel Dunkelmayer (Australia) 0.81. 6. Romid Baumann (Germany) 1.20. 7. Bryce Bennett (USA) 1.22. 8. Nils Hintermann (Switzerland) 1.25. 9. Daniel Hemetsberger (AUT) 1.28. 10. Dominic Schweiger (Germany) 1.29.

Also: 17 Gilles Rollin (Switzerland) 1.45. 19 Marco Odermatt (Switzerland) 1.49.2009 21. Pet Fuse 1.52. 26. Stefan Rogenten (Switzerland) 2.04. 31- Ralph Weber (SUI) 2.28. 36- Urs Krähenbühl (Switzerland) 2.65. 37. Dominik Paris (ITA) 2.97. 44- Nils Mane (Switzerland) 4.08. 46. ​​Lars Roesti (SUI) 4.77. 49- Vincent Krechmayr (Austria) 5.23. 50- Alexis Mooney (Switzerland) 5.45. 51- Jannick Scheubles (Switzerland) 5.46. – 58 drivers started, 57 companies.

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Keldy attack, the Swiss are booked

From a sporting point of view, an equally famous face made its mark in the first training session: Norway’s Alexander Kelde Mathieu Marsaglia (ITA) and Hirscher compatriot Matthias Meyer fell to the two places by 22 per cent each.

Nils Hintermann was the best Swiss player in eighth place, Jill Rollin was enough to take 17th. Two places behind Marco Odermatt were ranked 19th with a difference of one and a half seconds. Fouz Fuse finished the training session in twenty-first place. High Flyer From Wengen They didn’t let themselves be seen deeply in their papers upon their first appearance on Streif.

The training was overshadowed by a dangerous fall by the German Josef Verstel. The 33-year-old, Super-G winner over Streif, 33, fell off a steep cliff exit and had to be taken to hospital by helicopter. After the examinations in the hospital, Verstel was able to clarify everything.

“I am happy for a smooth fall. Although I feel after a full wash, I will first visit our physiotherapist and allow him to restore my fitness,” Verstel said in a statement from the German Ski Federation (DSV).