September 29, 2023

First TdF Stage win - Reusser wins Stage 4 solo - Sport

First TdF Stage win – Reusser wins Stage 4 solo – Sport

First TdF Stage win – Reusser wins Stage 4 solo – Sport – SRF

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  • Marilyn Rosser surprisingly won the 127km fourth stage of the Women’s Tour de France.
  • With 23 kilometers left, the Swiss managed to break away from the field with an attack.
  • The Swiss crosses the finish line by 1:24 minutes.

Marilyn Rosser is back. The Berne native, who will return on the Tour, took the stage win on Wednesday. The 30-year-old won the 127km section from Troyes to Bar-sur-Aube solo. Marianne Voss from the Netherlands continues to wear a jaune swimsuit.

Reusser celebrates his successful return to competition mode with a stage victory in the eight-day tour. The Olympic time-tested silver medalist remembers a difficult month in June, with her retirement from the World Tour in England after a fall on her wrist and a stubborn Covid disease that kept her from competing in the women’s Tour de Suisse.

Team decision in the original

“Today we decided as a team to make it hard and not let it come down to an easy final. One had to attack, and that was me,” the Jegenstorfer woman said after her flip, and that was me. “I was fortunate to drive the car today and am grateful for my team. After my attack I realized at some point that he could work. For me it was like a time trial of more than 23 kilometres. That’s cool.” For Reusser, his thirteenth career victory was his first in the SD Worx tenu – and perhaps the most significant to date.

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