April 25, 2024

First Lady Jill Biden wears St. Gallen's Acres

First Lady Jill Biden wears St. Gallen’s Acres


First Lady in St. Gallen Fashion: Jill Biden wears an Acres dress when she meets Duchess Catherine

The looks of high fashion brand Acres in St Gallen are popular with women among the top ten: it can be seen this weekend on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Cornwall. Jill Biden, wife of US President Joe Biden, poses in a white Acres dress as she meets the Duchess of Cambridge.

Under the pale pink blazer, First Lady Jill Biden wears a white Akris dress.

Builder: Aaron Chown / AP

At first she was the second lady, since the beginning of the year the first lady. And now she’s wearing the finest materials from eastern Switzerland: Jill Biden, PhD in education, wife of US President Joe Biden, appears at an event on the sidelines of the G-7 meeting in a white gown by St. Gallen’s fashion label Akris.

Along with Duchess Catherine, wife of Prince William, she attended primary school in Cornwall on Saturday. It’s an encounter with shades of pink: While the Duchess wears a purple dress with a belt, Jill Biden wears a pink jacket that she wears over her white Acres dress. cost point? not clear. The numbers on the British People’s platforms, which analyze the clothes in detail, range from about $3,000 to $3,700.

The content of the meeting? The Duchess of Cambridge and Jill Biden noted the importance of early childhood during their visit. “If we want a strong community, we have to make sure that those who raise and care for children receive the support they need,” they explained. Traumatized children are also taught at school.

From the Federal Palace to the White House

Jill Biden isn’t the first woman to wear Acres. Three years ago, Michelle Obama introduced herself in a blue St. Gallen suit, haute couture. In any case, the collections are popular with women from high society, from the Federal Palace to the royal houses and show business: for example, Princess Charlene of Monaco is an Acres client and friend of the House of St. Gallen. She often sits in the front row at Akris shows. Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Rihanna and former Federal Chancellor Doris Leuthard were also seen wearing Acres outfits.

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