First interview after withdrawal – former Austrian Chancellor Kurz rules out a return to politics – News

  • Former Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz confirmed in his first interview since his retirement that he is not planning a political comeback.
  • “That’s forever. I rule out going back permanently,” he said.
  • His appearance at the ÖVP party conference on May 14 serves only to support his successor, Karl Nehammer.

Kurz told the Kronen Zeitung newspaper that he had not given any advice to the new party leader and chancellor with whom he had a friendly relationship. According to the 35-year-old, domestic politics does not play a role in his life anymore. “I continue to follow geopolitical developments closely, both professionally and out of interest.”

Travel instead of political scandals

In 2021, Kurtz left his position as chancellor and then left politics in general. The judiciary is investigating against him, among other things, on suspicion of making false statements in the Ibiza Commission of Inquiry.

Kurtz now works with American billionaire Peter Thiel as a “global strategist”. He enjoys road travel in the Middle East and the United States. “This is the case for more than 20 days a month,” Kurz says. Together with his partner, he takes his young son with him on trips.

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