First flight: United flies from Washington to Berlin

It doesn’t seem very unusual at first glance, but the German capital now has a direct connection with the US capital, Washington, DC, and we were on the first flight.

A great day for Berlin, Brandenburg and Washington. As of today, United Airlines is offering its second direct link to the federal capital. Effective immediately, the capitals of Washington, DC and Berlin will also be annexed. Top politicians were invited to explain the importance of this link. Unfortunately, the link is currently only offered seasonally.

“Berlin is America’s Favorite City”

A United Airlines Boeing 767-400 departed Berlin Capital Airport on time today. With this, Star Alliance’s second connection to the German capital was officially launched and celebrated. Several political representatives and representatives of Berlin Brandenburg Airport and United Airlines were invited. The direct communication between the two capitals was celebrated together. Aletta von Massenbach, president of the airport, opened the event with the aim of underlining how important this link is to transatlantic relations and the capital region. However, this connection is definitely not a thing. Both parties have been working on establishing this link for two years. The date of the first flight was postponed several times.

Brandenburg’s Prime Minister Dietmar Voytke (SPD) and Berlin’s new ruling mayor Kai Wegner (CDU) agreed with the airport manager’s words. Both emphasized the importance of this link for business and research. Woidke also emphasized the importance of this new link for investments and research in the climate neutral sector. “Climate neutrality is not achieved by sticking to it, but by tackling it,” says Voitke. Wegner, on the other hand, calls for more direct connections from Berlin’s capital airport, especially in the direction of the United States. He also hopes the new direct link to Washington, DC will remain.

United Airlines is also happy about the first flight. For the rest of the summer flight schedule, the airline offers two daily connections between the US and Berlin – Washington, D.C., except for United, which flies daily between Newark and Berlin. The airline offers around 500 seats between the US and Berlin each day. The airline receives support from its partner Lufthansa. Like every United Airlines flight, this one is offered in cooperation with Lufthansa. US Ambassador Dr. Amy Goodman is happy with the direct link, and many US government officials will be using it in the future. Berlin began his speech by calling himself “America’s favorite city,” but made a slight faux pas and talked about American Airlines instead of United Airlines.

to the US capital with a Boeing 767-400

United Airlines will initially offer a daily connection until the end of the summer flight schedule. Interestingly, United Airlines will also use the Boeing 767-400 on these flights for the time being. Only one Boeing 767-300 is used on the connection between Newark and Berlin. The Boeing 767-400 has 242 seats, 39 seats in Polaris Business Class, 70 seats in Economy Plus and 133 seats in Economy Class. Unfortunately, this variant also lacks true premium economy.

  • UA234 Washington, DC – Berlin: 5:45pm – 8:20am (+1)
  • UA235 Berlin – Washington, DC: 11:10 a.m. – 2:30 p.m

It gives United Airlines passengers access to Washington, DC, but also to areas around the US capital. Passengers can fly to over 60 other destinations from Washington, DC.

Almost a side note this Friday: Delta Air Lines is now flying back to Berlin from New York JFK. Currently, this flight is also only offered seasonally by the SkyTeam airline.

Decision on United’s first flight

It’s almost an unusual picture on a Friday morning blanket. Various long-haul jets can be seen here on the apron. United Airlines completes the picture with two more daily connections between the federal capital and the US. A big and important day for travelers, the Capital Region and Washington and Berlin Brandenburg Airport and United Airlines. Let’s hope the link is permanent!

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