Firefox Relay protects your email address and online identity

Firefox Relay protects mail addresses

On “”, users can monitor their email concerns. Photo: Mozilla / dpa-tmn / Handout

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For example, with an extension for Firefox, Relay can create so-called pseudonyms that can be used in place of the real email address and thus protect them.

Messages are forwarded

Messages to alias addresses are then automatically redirected to the real inbox of the primary email address. This is useful, for example, for online shopping or for social networks.

And this is how it works: after installing the extension, a purple hexagon icon is automatically displayed on the right edge of email entry fields on websites. Clicking this will generate a new random address ending with “”.

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Central administration page

on the site Users can manage their borrowed addresses, for example, recreate them on mobile devices if necessary. If it turns out that spam or other unwanted messages have been forwarded to the root address, all messages can be blocked here or the alias can be deleted directly from the overview.

The service, including the extension and up to five aliases, is free. There is also a premium version for €1 per month, which offers an unlimited number of alias addresses and its own email domain, as well as the option to reply to forwarded emails.

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