May 22, 2024

Firefox prevents websites from accessing third-party cookies

Firefox prevents websites from accessing third-party cookies

Firefox has announced new “full” cookie protection (“complete cookie protection”). With its help, websites will be restricted in such a way that only cookies that they have set themselves can access.

This measure is intended to prevent cross-site tracking and is now gradually becoming available as a standard functionality; Initially for new users and maybe until August 23 for all users of the desktop version of Firefox.

To explain cookie protection, Try Firefox in a blog post Borrow cookies: For each website visited, a separate ‘cookie tray’ will be created in the browser where cookies only exit from that website. Other websites should not be able to access the cookie jar.

This is to prevent trackers from reading cookies from a variety of websites. This means that they can no longer use the information collected to create an overall picture of the person in front of the screen.

According to the blog post, this measure is intended to prevent invasive tracking – individual websites should work without any problems at the same time. The functionality itself isn’t entirely new, but it was previously usable in Firefox’s “strict” mode, which can be found under “Privacy and Security” in Settings.

Some users were able to complete a file Test cookie protection even in standard mode before posting. Firefox recently released the new major version 101 and shortly thereafter a small bug fix update to version 101.0.1 of the browser.


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