Fire in Israel – Forest fires near Jerusalem not yet controlled

Fire in Israel – Forest fire near Jerusalem not yet controlled – News – SRF

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  • According to media reports, a forest fire broke out in that Israeli hill country near Jerusalem on Sunday afternoon and spread rapidly.
  • The Israeli police stated on Twitter that evictions had begun in several affected towns and that roads in the area of ​​the fire were closed.
  • Prime Minister Naftali Bennett received information about the situation in the area of ​​the fire from security experts and rescue managers in the evening.

Since that morning, eight firefighting planes, which had to stay on the ground for the night, have managed to put out the flames again from the air. Although the fire brigade has been fighting the fire for about 19 hours, according to a spokesperson, at least 1,700 hectares of the area were burned on Monday morning. Bennett also said that a number of homes in different towns were set ablaze.

It is possible that the cause of the fire was humans

According to an Army Radio report, the police assume that the fire was caused by humans. But the fire does not necessarily have to be intentional, the cause of the fire can also be negligence. According to the police, thousands of families in several locations had to leave their homes and seek safety.

While emergency services in two of the affected villages allowed residents to return due to the end of the danger situation, three places to return were not released in the morning. The military supported the evacuation with helicopters. The Ministries of Environmental Protection and Health warned of “extremely high air pollution” in several places near Jerusalem. Among other things, children and pregnant women were asked not to be outdoors if possible.

SRF 4 News, 14.08.2021, 10 am;

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