April 21, 2024

File Explorer gets tabs, Start menu gets folders that can be named

File Explorer gets tabs, Start menu gets folders that can be named

Windows 11 has been available as a free upgrade to Windows 10 users since October 2021, provided the computer meets the system requirements. The free update can be done manually for users who have installed an incompatible CPU in their PC. Statistics recently showed that only 20% of Windows users have actually switched to the new operating system. Under the banner of “The Future of Hybrid Work,” Microsoft invited the event online and showcased all kinds of innovations in Windows 11. In addition to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Panos Panay, head of Windows and Surface, also owns new hardware as well. Windows 11 version 22H2 features introducedwhich mainly revolves around the topic of productivity and should probably bring more users to the switch.

File explorer gets tabs

With version 22H2 of Windows 11, File Explorer gets a long-awaited feature – tabs. There was already a test run with tabs in Explorer in an internal preview of Windows 10, but only with Windows 11 tabs that actually come in File Explorer. In addition, Windows Explorer has a new start page, which not only displays recently used files, but also provides the option to save files as favorites – just like folders. If the files are in the cloud, your favorites list will sync across multiple devices. The last column also shows the user who last modified the file.

In the future, anyone who uses Onedrive will be able to see the status of their cloud storage in File Explorer. If you want to share a file, Explorer automatically tries to guess which contacts you can share the file with and displays a suggestion. If you are using Microsoft Outlook in a file Buy an Office Home & Business Package has or Microsoft 365 subscriber You can integrate Outlook directly into File Explorer. A file can be shared via email with just a few clicks, without having to open Outlook. In addition to Microsoft Outlook Desktop, which is subject to a fee, the condition of use is also free Microsoft Office Outlook Desktop Integration Applicationwhich you can download from the Microsoft Store at no additional cost.

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Start menu gets folders that can be named

Windows 11 is known to have a new start menu, but not all users are happy with this menu. Since the release of Insider Build 22557, there is a possibility to create folders in the start menu. This should give the pinned area more clarity. Since Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22579, it’s possible to name app folders – as was the case with Windows 10. To create a folder, simply push two app icons together, then an animation is displayed and a folder is created.

مجلد التطبيق في قائمة ابدأ في الإصدار 22H2 من Windows 11 <span class ="المصدر Linkwrapper">[Quelle: PCGH]</ span>src=”https://news.google.com/screenshots/380×214/2022/03/Startmenu-mit-App-Ordner-mit-Namen-in-Windows-11-Insider-Preview-22579-2–pcgh .jpg” width=”380″ height=”214″/></span></p>
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Applications folders in the Start Menu in Windows 11 version 22H2 [Quelle: PCGH]

مجلد التطبيق في قائمة ابدأ في الإصدار 22H2 من Windows 11 <span class ="المصدر Linkwrapper">[Quelle: PCGH]</ span>src=”https://news.google.com/screenshots/380×214/2022/03/Startmenu-mit-App-Ordner-mit-Namen-in-Windows-11-Insider-Preview-22579-1–pcgh .jpg” width=”380″ height=”214″/></span></p>
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Applications folders in the Start Menu in Windows 11 version 22H2 [Quelle: PCGH]

تقسيم قائمة البداية في الإصدار 22H2 من Windows 11 <span class ="المصدر Linkwrapper">[Quelle: PCGH]</ span>” src=”https://news.google.com/screenshots/380×214/2021/12/Windows-11-Version-22H2-Startmenu-Layout-Optionen-pcgh.jpg” width=”380″ height=”214″ /></span></p>
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Split Start Menu in Windows 11 version 22H2 [Quelle: PCGH]

الجديد في Windows 11: تعرض Microsoft ميزات للعمل المختلط (1) <span class ="المصدر Linkwrapper">[Quelle: PCGH]</ span>” src=”https://news.google.com/screenshots/380×214/2021/12/Windows-11-Version-22H2-grosser-Angepinnt-Bereich-im-Startmenu-pcgh.jpg” width=”380″ height =”214″/></span></p><div class=

What’s new in Windows 11: Microsoft introduces features for hybrid work[1)[Quelle: PCGH]

Focus is designed to reduce distraction

Focus sessions within the new Clock app are already available in version 21H2, and it is currently available to all Windows 11 users. With Windows Insider Preview 22557, such a session can also be easily started via the Notification Center. This allows you to work for a self-limited period of time without being bothered by notifications. In addition to settings within the Settings app in the System area, you can also activate other options related to focus sessions via the pre-installed Clock app. This includes playing music through Spotify or creating and editing to-do lists in Microsoft To-Do.

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There is even now the Notification Assistant, which opens in the Notification Center or when you tap the clock/date display (on the home screen). With Build 22557, Microsoft is renaming the processor to clarify the task. The notification assistant becomes Do Not Disturb, after all the rules can be set with this when you don’t want to be disturbed. So you can set specific times or disable notifications when playing or giving a presentation. In addition, users can store exceptions, for example for certain applications.

Surprise layouts revamped and new meeting features

Microsoft has revised the surprise layouts. If you now drag a mini window to the top edge of the screen, a navigation bar will appear in which you can choose between different layouts. Windows 11 automatically sets open program windows so that up to four windows can be displayed parallel on a single screen. Alternatively, you can invoke Snap Assist at any time by using the Windows + Z key combination and then selecting the layout. Additionally, there is still the option to invoke Snap Assist by hovering over the zoom button.

So far, there are features in Microsoft Teams for background blur, for example. With version 22H2 of Windows 11, this feature is available as a function of the operating system. This allows any app to access it without having to program and deploy the feature itself. In addition to the blur effect, new meeting functions also include audio optimization and automatically center the person in front of the webcam.

New Microsoft Defender Smart Display

Windows 11 version 22H2 will come with Microsoft Defender built-in virus scanner. with the Smart Screen feature can identify phishing attacks Users will be warned about the malware-infected application or the hacked website. However, Smart App Control can only be activated with a fresh install of Windows 11 if the user so desires.

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It is still not clear when version 22H2 of Windows 11 will be available. However, it can also happen relatively quickly. After all, Microsoft already has In February with optional update KB5010414 And with the youngest of them Correction Day in March Prove that new features outside of the Annual Feature Update can also be released for Windows 11 users. The only condition is that the updates have successfully gone through various stages in the Windows Insider Program, and then can be distributed as an optional update to all Windows 11 users. On the other hand, functional updates become a kind From the update rollup. In addition to these new features, the first feature update also includes some new user interface elements and other new features that we have compiled in Submit your own article.

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Tuning Windows 11 Part Two: More Tips for Optimal Setup

A bunch of new features in Windows 11 for hybrid work:

  • At an online event, Microsoft introduced innovations for Windows 11 with a focus on productivity.
  • In Windows 11 version 22H2, there will again be namable app folders in the start menu. In addition, File Explorer has a new start page that allows you to attach and sync files and folders with other devices.
  • In the future there will be tabs in the file explorer.
  • Focus is designed to reduce distraction by not showing notifications for a while.
  • Windows 11 version 22H2 will come with Microsoft Defender virus scanning software, which can identify phishing attacks using a smart screen and warn PC users.

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