February 22, 2024

Fighting for survival in the Vikings era

Fighting for survival in the Vikings era


“Valheim” has been a popular title since Early Access. Photo: Coffee Stain Studios / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

With “Valheim”, another representative of the popular genre appeared in February. Here, players become vikings who have to test their survival skills in a seemingly endless world.

On the Steam gaming platform, Valheim turned out to be a bestseller of all time: in just under a month, the game had already sold five million times. Huge success for the only five-member developer Iron Gate, who has been working on the game since the end of 2018.

Valheim is based primarily on well-known survival game mechanics. Players collect raw materials, process them into tools and building materials, and obtain food to stay alive. If you don’t want to plunge into the world of Vikings on your own, you can go on an adventure with up to eight other friends in co-op.

However, the game world is also inhabited by mystical opponents. In addition to the skeletons, witches or ghosts, it is also important to defeat the five bosses who come with special rewards. There may be more to come, as the developers have already announced the first updates to the game.

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Valheim’s graphics may look a little outdated compared to other open world titles, but that’s exactly what makes the game’s magic rather simple. This has another advantage: the game should run smoothly even on weaker computers not equipped with the latest hardware.

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Valhaim Available for PC on Steam and costs around 17 €.