FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar: The story behind Lionel Messi’s record-breaking Insta photo | sports

Image spread around the world. Every photographer dreams of it. Shaun Bottrell (55) did it.

Football god Lionel Messi, 35, posted his photo via Instagram. The result is 72 million likes – an absolute record! Pre – an egg. Messi’s picture is a bit more exciting…

You can see how Messi extends the Golden World Cup in the air.

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In an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Bottrell talks about the photo. The Briton is overwhelmed by the response. Bottrell: “This is crazy. That (72 million likes) is more than the population of the UK.”

The story behind Messi’s recording photo on Insta!

When the photo was taken, Bottrell also needed a great deal of strength: “Messi sat with his family for a long time after the ceremony. At last he got up and went to the fans chanting his name. So I waited near the gate in front of the billboard and the curve with the Argentine fans. Then it all happened.” Very quickly. Messi ducked under the goal and suddenly he was right in front of me, on the shoulders of his former team-mate Sergio Aguero. It was surreal.”

Bottrell mentions that his image tells us of Messi’s relief. After all, he was under a lot of pressure. But in the photo you can see his true joy, the sympathy for the Argentine fans who celebrated him there.

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Messi cropped the image to post on Instagram. Botterill: “His cut is clever because the image makes more sense when only he and the trophy are visible. But I like the wide-angle original more because it has more atmosphere, with chaos all around it, faces looking admiringly at it and phones out.”

In any case, the photo confirms the legend of Messi. In his fifth World Cup appearance, he finally managed to lead Argentina to their first title since 1986.

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