December 10, 2023

FIFA receives 200 million in compensation for corruption losses

FIFA receives 200 million in compensation for corruption losses

FIFA compensation

After the 2015 corruption case: FIFA Foundation receives more than $200 million in compensation

The US Attorney has now awarded FIFA $201 million in monetary compensation for years of losses from bribery by high-ranking officials.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino is pleased to make a donation to the Foundation.


The US attorney general awarded FIFA and other parties a whopping $201 million (183 million Swiss francs) in compensation. This was announced by FIFA on Tuesday evening. The funds flowing into the FIFA Foundation are intended to compensate for losses incurred by the FIFA and the Continental Associations CONCACAF (North/Central America and the Caribbean) and CONMEBOL (South America) as a result of the crimes that affected them.

According to FIFA, the money “was confiscated from the bank accounts of former officials who were involved in years of bribery in football and were prosecuted for it.” The money will go to the new “Global Football Compensation Fund”, which will be used to fund football-related projects for the benefit of communities around the world.

“I am very happy that this illegally diverted football money is being used again as it should have been from the start,”

FIFA President Gianni Infantino, who thanked the US judicial authorities, said: “Thanks to their intervention in 2015, we were able to fundamentally reform the then notorious association and establish FIFA as a valuable and trustworthy global sports organisation. Fortunately, this unfortunate chapter is now behind us. “.

In the context of the far-reaching case of corruption and bribery, seven officials were arrested in Zurich in 2015, even after an FBI investigation. More than a dozen people were forced to respond before a US court, and many more were under investigation. As a result, then-FIFA president, Sepp Blatter, was banned, and Infantino succeeded him. (master / suey)

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