July 13, 2024

FIFA 22, Ultimate Team Black Friday: All the info about the event

FIFA 22, Ultimate Team Black Friday: All the info about the event

Black Friday is coming to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. For a few days now, a graphic on the FUT start screen has announced the arrival of the event, which will officially start on Friday, November 26. Loud blasting pistol computer picture 15:00

Now we all know what Black Friday is: It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving in the US and the Christmas shopping season officially opens. On this occasion, all stores announce discounts and special offers to attract customers in droves.

The annual Kaufrausch event has also been available in FIFA Ultimate Team since 2014, with many special packages and challenges.

For example, there will be “flash” challenges, which are of limited duration (usually a few hours). Black Friday will also allow FIFA 22 players to receive Inform Cards that have been released in the past few weeks and are not in packs. One example is “Best Of TOTW”, which will feature players like Mbappé, Son, Salah and Theo Hernandez.

In addition, a new promotion called “Featured Signatures” is planned, in which footballers such as De Bruyne, Ben Yedder, Atal and Skriniar will appear.

There will also be promotional packages, including the “Ultimate” package of 125,000 credits which includes 30 gold players but unfortunately is not intended to be offered at a discount. Many of these packs will only be available in limited numbers and for a limited time, while others will likely be released over the course of the FIFA 22 Black Friday event.

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