FIFA 22 – Release Announced October 1

Just in time for the end of Euro 2020, EA Sports released the trailer for FIFA 22. All confirmed information can be found here.

The FIFA 22 cover player should also be known to those less interested in football since Euro 2020. Kylian Mbappe was Who won an important penalty kick for FranceWhich in turn led to the victory of the Swiss team against the great France.

Behind the cover of FIFA 22 is the latest edition of EA Sports football simulator. The new annual edition wants to impress in the 2022 edition above all with a new technology called “Hypermotion”, which is supposed to simulate the movements of AI players more realistically than ever before. Important: This technology is only used on next generation consoles such as PS5 or Xbox Series. PS4 and XBox One owners won’t benefit.

In the trailer for FIFA 22, Hypermotion also plays the main role:

Volta is with us again

In addition to classic modes such as Career and Pro Clubs, FIFA 22 Ultimate Team should of course not be missing. Trading card mode is finally the driving force behind the FIFA franchise. It wasn’t until the end of May when Electronic Arts announced that it had posted a whopping $1.62 billion in sales with Ultimate Team in the last year alone. This, in turn, is nearly a third more than the previous year.

The VOLTA mode that was introduced in FIFA 20 is also included. It’s all about street football and street fashion. You can unlock – or buy – new clothing items for your avatar and compete with and against other players.

Reinventing goalkeepers

Otherwise, the new FIFA version does not ostensibly bring many new features. Goalkeeper review and “real ball physics” are touted as new gameplay features. With Sprint Sprint, players get a new variant of movement and at the tactical level have to play new offensive formations.

There is not much information about FIFA 22 yet. The game will be released on October 1, 2021, and you can already pre-order it in various variants.

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