June 14, 2024

FIFA 22: EA Gets Shitstorm - Activation Limit Raised For PC Version

FIFA 22: EA Gets Shitstorm – Activation Limit Raised For PC Version

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FIFA 22 is the current installment of EA’s football simulation. But the publisher received a storm of fans due to the activation limit for the PC.

Update from 07/16/2021: Lucky! Even if PC players draw the short straw at many points in FIFA 22, EA falls back on one thing. After the official announcement, we’ve been informed that the PC version of the soccer simulator on Steam will have an activation limit upon release. You will only be able to activate the game on one PC and you will have to purchase a new version of FIFA 22 for each additional PC. But it seems that the dirt storm in the PC community has hit EA at a sore point.

game name FIFA 22
Version (date of first publication) t 27. September / 01. October 2021
publisher t Electronic Arts (EA)
Italian Serie A FIFA
Statute t PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Google Stadia
developer t Electronic Arts (EA)
Type FIFA 22: No update for PS5 and Xbox Series X – only if you pay for the Ultimate Edition | FIFA 21

Meanwhile, the Vancouver-based company has raised the activation limit on Steam, so fans can now play on any number of PCs with a single version of FIFA 22 — a hollow victory when you consider EA leaving the PC community out. Rain: After all, the new HyperMotion technology, a flagship of Electronic Arts’ marketing machines, will only be available on next-generation PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles. It remains to be seen if PC gamers can get EA to surrender here as well. However, the chances are much worse than the activation limit.

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First report from 7/14/2021: Vancouver, Canada – Since the start of pre-order for FIFA 22, we’ve been posting regular updates on the game. This has been bad lately. Especially with regard to players. Now the following message comes. This only affects players who want to play FIFA 22 on their PC. The version seems to be playable there only on one machine. A screenshot posted on Reddit gives a possible clue about it.

FIFA 22: HyperMotion Only on PS5 and Xbox Series X – The PC community gets nothing.

A new FIFA game appears every year. The next title in the series is already in the starting blocks. FIFA 22 will finally be available in stores in October. There will be a final and standard version. Pre-orders are already running for the game. FIFA 22 has been available for pre-order since July 11. This started in time for the European Championship final. Since then, there has always been new information about the new title in the series.

On July 11, 2021, there was also a trailer for the new part of the series. Not only was the release announced there, but the new technology used in FIFA 22 was also shown. But then there was the first bad news for all PC gamers: Inside. HyperMotion will only be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X. The PC version of FIFA 22 comes empty handed. They must be satisfied with the latest generation technology.

FIFA 22: Can it be activated on PC only?

Now there’s another bad news for all PC gamers: Inside. On reddit A screenshot showing the FIFA 22 Store page has been posted on Steam. There is an express stipulation that the latest game can only be activated on one device. It looks like this was planned exclusively for the Steam platform. This limitation does not exist in Origin, the official EA platform. This note is no longer included with Steam either. Whether FIFA 22 is only available on one device will be revealed by release at the latest.

FIFA 22: PC Edition must be playable on one device only.

© Xbox / Electronic Arts

Activating FIFA 22 once will limit PC players to only one device. Therefore, the game simply cannot be played on another computer. Even if the hardware is replaced, players will not be able to play FIFA 22. If a part of the PC suddenly gives up and has to be replaced, a new version of FIFA 22 will have to be purchased. This will encourage players to buy multiple versions of the game.

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So EA will twice attract FIFA fans to the cash register. But even with the PlayStation and Xbox versions, players have to dig deep into their pockets if they want a particular feature. There should be no next generation upgrade for FIFA 22. Players with the Standard Edition will have to get the game twice if they want to play it on PS5 or Xbox Series X or they will get the Ultimate Edition right away. The next generation upgrade will be included in the more expensive version.

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