Celebrations of King Charles III’s coronation continue with street parties across the country. and Queen Camilla on Sunday. The palace invited the inhabitants to a “big coronation lunch”. Around 50,000 festivals are planned across the UK and around the world, with thousands of streets closed for neighborhood celebrations and tea parties, according to the British government.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak hosts a dinner in Downing Street, which is also attended by Ukrainian families. Many members of the royal family are expected to attend “Big Lunch” events in the country. Joint meetings had already taken place on the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne in June 2022, where they were well received.

In the evening (9pm CEST) there will be a grand coronation ceremony at Windsor Castle near London. Many stars such as Katy Perry, Take That, and Lionel Richie have been announced. With tracks running in all directions, the main stage is themed after the British flag. The number of spectators is expected to reach 20,000, and some of them won their free tickets in the raffle.

From: APA/dpa