May 23, 2024

Ferrari Technology Problem: The Haas MGU-K مشكلة Problem

Ferrari Technology Problem: The Haas MGU-K مشكلة Problem

Canada Grand Prix 2022

After the start in Bahrain, Haas was still third in the World Championships. In Canada, the US team slipped from second to last place. Both cars started from the third row, but the US racing team finished empty-handed for the fifth time in a row. One of the reasons for following the point diet was once again bad luck with technology.

It just won’t work. The starting center in Montreal was better than ever. Kevin Magnussen and Mick Schumacher qualified for the third grade. It was the best qualifying result in race team history. Many still believe that the journey in the race will be held back. That Haas cut his cars to quickly warm up the tires for a good starting position, which you will then pay for in the race.

However, Mick Schumacher’s race showed that the American racers handled their tires correctly. At Schumacher, Haas relinquished his first VSC gift. The German lost two positions on the opening lap, but then kept Guanyu Zhou and Daniel Ricciardo in check. He was in an area where points were distributed later.

Place of departure threatens sanctions

But it didn’t get that far. On lap 19, Haas took off 47 on Turn 8. MGU-K had given up the Stealth. This is the fourth damage to the cold electric machine this year. Schumacher halted MGU-K’s defect in free practice in Monte Carlo. Magnussen caught fire in qualifying at Imola and at the Monaco Grand Prix. Break the same part three times. Once there was a problem with cooling.

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MGU-H is not bulletproof either. Magnussen failed in Baku. It’s clear that Haas hits it a lot as a mystery to Ferrari. So far there is no solution. At most suspect. The Haas VF-22 rides less than the Ferrari F1-75 and Sauber C42, so it takes a bigger hit as the cars roll back on bumps and curbs. All the faults occurred on bumpy roads. Haas pilots expect penalties soon. There is only one working MGU-K left in stock per driver.


As in the training sessions in Monaco and Baku, Schumacher had to park his car in Montreal.

Magnussen lost 38 seconds in the pits

Kevin Magnussen robbed his chance of getting championship points. As in Barcelona, ​​he faced the Danish Lewis Hamilton on the opening lap. The tire exploded in Barcelona. In Montreal, she hit the right wing. From then on it was dangling by a thin thread. He was caught close behind Esteban Ocon in a barrage of slashes and saw the final board dangerously scrape off the wing on the road.

Ocon reported the danger to the race director, who responded immediately and summoned Magnussen to the black and orange flag pits. He had a maximum of two runs to fix. In the seventh round it’s time.

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Bad luck for Magnussen: After two rounds, the first stage of VSC was giving him a gift. So he lost 38 seconds in the pits. An attempt to drive from there to the end failed. In the safety car stage, the Haas driver was still 12th. In just four laps, he passed all the way back on his old tires.

Kevin Magnussen - Canadian Grand Prix 2022


Magnussen’s final board was dangling with a string when he pitted on lap seven.

Zylon holds the end plate in place

Magnussen was terribly annoyed by the forced stop after the race: “The damage to us was practically nothing. I couldn’t feel anything in the car. The driving was perfect. It’s normal for the car to get a little bit during the race. He got scratches,” he complained The Dane, who also accused the race organizers of letting themselves sway too easily.

Team manager Guenter Steiner lamented, “Kevin was wrong. We had to go in.” As evidence, he showed the auto and sports reporter the corpse. The end plate was torn with brute force on the three plates. It was attached only to the main sheet by a thread the width of two fingers.

“Fortunately, the carbon fiber body was still enclosed in a xylon cover. That’s why the final panel didn’t break. But the thing is so heavy, you don’t want to hit your head as the driver behind it. Of course, Kevin couldn’t do that from the cockpit and because the car felt natural. He thought there couldn’t be much wrong with that.”

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After the long service hiatus, Haas was left with only one risk strategy. Steiner explained these tactics: “We tried to drive from there. The race speed was good for a long time. But at one point you were just defensive with your old tyres.” If Magnussen had been called into the pits during the safety car phase, he would have lost two positions. It’s not a tempting prospect when you have the third worst top speed.