March 1, 2024

Federal judge dismisses Trump campaign lawsuit in Pennsylvania

Although the case is not always likely to succeed, supporters of President Donald Trump and his legal team – especially his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani – They pinned their hopes on a federal judge in Pennsylvania, lending some credence to their suspicions of fraud and amusement in Trump’s bid for annulment The popular vote for President-elect Joe Biden.

But Judge Matthew Bran, an old and well-known Pennsylvania Republican, refused.

This was the last major issue seeking to exclude or block enough votes that a major country could swing in favor of Trump, and Bran’s decision on Saturday is the 30th loss or withdrawal of an issue from the Trump campaign and its allies since Election Day. There were only two wins on the court, around very few votes.

“The plaintiffs are asking this court to deny nearly seven million voters the right to vote. This court has not been able to find any case in which the plaintiff sought such a radical remedy in challenging the elections, in terms of the sheer volume of votes required to be annulled,” the court judge wrote American Partial Matthew Bran Saturday.

Bran went on to warn Trump’s campaign attorneys not to provide factual evidence that they are seeking to nullify so many voices in the main battleground state.

“One might expect that in pursuing this astonishing outcome, the plaintiff would come armed with overwhelmingly convincing legal arguments and realistic proof of rampant corruption, so that this court would have no choice but to grant the proposed injunctive relief, unfortunately despite the impact on such a large group of citizens. But this did not happen. ” “Instead, this court was presented with tense, unfounded legal arguments and speculative accusations, unsupported in the spoken complaint and not supported by evidence.”

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The judge wrote: “In the USA, this cannot justify denying a single voter the right to vote, let alone all of the sixth state’s most populous voters. Our people, our laws, and our institutions are demanding more.” “Below, the plaintiffs have failed to fulfill their burden to file a claim under which relief can be granted.”

The counties in the state are due to certify their election results on Monday.

The judge said that any further study of the issue would “needlessly delay the resolution of cases” with regard to testimony.

This is an urgent news story and will be updated.

Kelly Mina contributed to this report.