December 6, 2023

Featuring Godzilla and King Kong. Apple shoots its first 3D TV series for its glasses

Godzilla and King Kong will soon be fighting on your couch or in your bed.


“Godzilla” and “King Kong” will soon be fighting right under your nose in 3D. Apple uses its video streaming service to produce content for its expensive electronic eyeglasses.

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  • A series for Apple TV+ is already being filmed in 3D so that it can later be watched with Vision Pro.
  • The series is a spin-off of “Godzilla” and “King Kong”.
  • However, the $3,500 glasses won’t be available until early 2024.

Last week, Apple introduced its Vision Pro augmented reality glasses to the public. The tech giant showed off several potential uses for the $3,500 device. Observers were skeptical about whether the glasses were actually used efficiently in office work, for example.

However, nearly all of the selected journalists who were allowed to briefly test the glasses were impressed by a short 3D clip from the blockbuster movie “Avatar: The Way of Water,” which they were able to view using Vision Pro. For entertainment purposes, the glasses seem unquestionably appropriate. And this is exactly where Apple started.

Monster series for Apple TV+

such as Macrumors mentioneda TV series currently in production for the Apple TV+ streaming service that uses “Spatial Video” technology that Apple has been developing since last year so that it can later be watched in 3D with Vision Pro.

Specifically, it is a series described in the “Monsterverse” with the working title “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters”. Film studio Legendary Entertainment wants to create a profitable franchise based on the “Godzilla” and “King Kong” movies with a Marvel-style “Monsterverse” and “Star Wars”.

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Filming for the series has already been completed

Filming reportedly finished last December, but there’s no release date yet. According to Apple, the Vision Pro itself won’t launch until “early 2024.”

Of course, it makes sense for Apple to use its TV series to highlight the features of its products. The series with massive monsters seems particularly well-suited to illustrate the advantage of 3D representations. However, the series is also being produced in parallel in classic 2D, so that “Godzilla” fans don’t necessarily have to invest $3,500.