June 14, 2024

FCZ also won in Lucerne and is now 13 points ahead of YB

FCZ also won in Lucerne and is now 13 points ahead of YB

Score again – Asan Sesay celebrates 1-0.Photo: cornerstone

FC Zurich is pushing for the title with great strides. Even FC Lucerne cannot stop the Sovereign Leader. For central Switzerland, the best of the evening is the next defeat to bottom line Lausanne, this time at Sion.

02/03/2022, 22:2302/03/2022, 22:57

Lucerne – FC Zurich 0: 2

FC Zurich takes another step towards the championship title. Thanks to the 2-0 win in Lucerne, Andre Breitnerretter’s team consolidated its lead over its closest rivals to 13 points.

The Zurich team, unbeaten in 16 matches, is a rich reserve in the last twelve rounds. Even if they lose a point on the day for the game against Young Boys or FC Basel, they are still at the top at the end of the season. But what the FCZ team is currently talking about most as champions is not the lead, but the performance.

Lucerne, who was stronger again under Mario Frick, had good stages, both at the start and in the last 20 minutes. But it was the Zurich team that set the pace and, above all, achieved crucial things when it mattered most. Twice slowed the enthusiasm of the Swiss midfield goals: in the 17th minute after a great combination through Assan Sessay’s 14th goal of the season and in the 78th minute after a corner kick through Wilfried Junonto’s eighth goal.

The quick combination and standard mode are two of the Zurich club’s biggest strengths. For the former, the routine Blerim Dzemaili was primarily responsible for Lucerne. The 35-year-old, who played his 140th Premier League game after nearly 19 years, excelled at winning and distributing the ball for a good hour. He gave the last powerful pass to Sesai’s goal. After that, he initiated many opportunities that remained untapped.

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Lucerne stayed close to hitting for a long time and had the best chances before the match 2-0, around the 76th minute, when Osama Abu Bakr forced FCZ goalkeeper Yannick Brecher to make a rare save. Less than three minutes later, Gnonto, once again successful as a clown, made the decision 2-0.

Lucerne – Zurich 0:2 (0:1)
9708 spectators. – S. R. Schärer.
gates: 17 Sesay (Al-Dzimaili) 0-1. 78 Junonto (Mets) 0-2.
Lucerne: Miller. Dräger, Burch, Simani, Frydek (30th Sidler); Schulz (72 Emini), Jashari, Ugrenck (Gentner 61); Campo (Kvasina 46); Kumic (72 Ndiaye), Abu Bakr.
Zurich: crusher; Omeragic, Kryeziu, Aliti; Dombia. Boranijasevic, Dzemaili (75 Coric), Marchesano (75th Mets), Guerrero (91th Khelifi); Sesay (67 Junonto), Tosen (67 Kramer).
Notes: Lucerne without Surgic, Mooney and Schorpf (all injured). Zurich without Jogia (injured). Reservations: 40. Abu Bakr (unpleasant). 47. Simani (Foul). 55. Al-Jashari (the foul). 69. Kramer (wrong). 70 – Al-Zamili. 86 Omeragic (unpleasant). 92. Gnunto.

Sion – Lausanne 1-0

Lausanne Sport’s losing streak continues. Taillight bitterly loses 0:1 at FC Sion for the eighth time in a row.

For Lausanne coach Alain Casanova, the fifth league defeat since seizing Vaud’s bunker in early February was arguably the most painful. For once, his team was superior in play and had more chances to score. But there was a lack of accuracy, often in construction, at the very end. Most of the warning shots did not go in the direction of Sion goalkeeper Kevin Vikner. It was even more dangerous for him right after the break when a skewed shot flew off the post.

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FC Sion showed his tamed team after ten days of relentless effort in the 1-1 draw against FC Zurich. He scored three points with reduced effort, as Luca Zofi and Gregory Karelin provided solid preparatory work for Balthazar’s 63rd-minute victory goal shortly after he came on.

For Zaki Amdouni and his cohorts, the landing is getting closer and closer.

For Zaki Amdouni and his cohorts, the landing is getting closer and closer.Photo: cornerstone

For Lausanne, who has been in the longest losing streak in Premier League history, the question is who would defeat Sion if not maliciously. Zurich and YB are waiting for the next weekend.

Sion – Lausanne-Sport 1: 0 (0: 0)
6500 spectators. Real Piccolo.
Goal: 63. Balthazar (Carl) 1-0.
Sion: Victure. Pammert, Ndwi, Benito; Grgic. Caffari, Wesley; Balthasar, Marquinius (60. Zofei); Seo, Stojelkovic (60 Karlin).
Lausanne Sport: Diao. Alkoch (61 Shafiq), Zohari, Montero, Bundji; tripartite. Amdoni, Thomas (72 Nejisan), Suzuki (89 Sanchez), Cowell (vocalist 61): Bolero (72 Ouattara).
Notes: Sion without Adrien, Boa, Doldor and Itaitenga (all injured). Lausanne-Sport without Mahuo (suspended), Jessmann, Grebeau, Husic, Capo, Connie Cuyalebo and Torx (all injured). Reservations: 8 pounds (wrong). 33. Benito (wrong). 38. Al-Zohari. 81 Montero (wrong).



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