December 11, 2023

FCN: Newcomer Lawrence: "The club has a lot of interest!"  |  Sports

FCN: Newcomer Lawrence: “The club has a lot of interest!” | Sports

He is expected to fill the void in the club’s defense left by Asger Sorensen (26) after joining Sparta Prague. Newcomer James Lawrence (29) trained with his new teammates for the first time on Tuesday. Then talk to Bild.

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Bild: Lately I’ve been without a club. What is your fitness level?

Lawrence: “I kept fit with my coach in Amsterdam. It was a bit of preparation. There were other players too, so we often had group training. It’s still a little different than the normal team training, but not so much because I worked really hard.”

Bild: Why did you decide to join the club?

Lawrence: “When I heard about Nuremberg’s interest, it was an easy decision. The club suited me. The style of play is similar to what I already know from St. Pauli. Everything was fine. It is a big club with ambitions. That was important to me too. My family also played a big role. Live In Amsterdam and I wanted to stay near it. You don’t have to just be able to watch my games on TV.”

Bild: Is the World Cup in Qatar with Wales a goal?

Lawrence: “That’s it. I wanted to go where I play at a high level and at a club that gets a lot of interest in Europe and the UK. It was important for the officials in Wales so they could keep a close eye on me and know the name of the club.”

Bild: Does Nuremberg really resonate in your home country?

Lawrence: “Second Division is definitely a league that people take very seriously and one of the best second divisions in the world. Nuremberg also has a great past, and people don’t forget that.”

Bild: Where do you feel most at home?

Lawrence: “As a left centre-back. But I also played sixth.”

Bild: Will you be ready for the cup match on Friday?

Lawrence: “We have to wait a week. You also have to discuss that with the coaching staff, whether they really see me that far. I think it’s better to think in small steps and day in and day out.”

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