February 28, 2024

FC Schalke 04: Leaving season 04 was a failure - a former talent before a new start

FC Schalke 04: Leaving season 04 was a failure – a former talent before a new start

FC Schalke 04: Leaving season 04 was a failure – a former talent before a new start

Schalke 04: The greatest jewels of Knabenchmidy

Schalke 04: The greatest jewels of Knabenchmidy

Rising talents play at Schalke 04 Youth Academy every year. We show you the best players Knappenschmiede has produced since 1999.

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This plan appears to backfire. After landing, fan favorite Matthew Hobby left Schalke 04. He was hoping to play matches and get a place in the World Cup.

At least with the game playing, that hasn’t happened yet. Schalke 04 Leaving so far has been a disappointment for the 21-year-old. Now, the former top talent is about to make a fresh start in England.

Schalke 04: Hopp is still not happy

The 2020/21 season will likely go down in history as the darkest of the S04 season. Consistently poor performance led to the inevitable decline. In the meantime, Schalke threatened to grab the record-breaking streak of defeat from Tasmania Berlin. This was averted by a 4-0 win over TSG Hoffenheim.

The focus at the time was on Matthew Hope. Talent Storm scored a triple. Finally in this game, it has become a fan favorite. Disappointment followed half a year later. Hoppe left Schalke. He saw his place in the World Cup in jeopardy in the second Bundesliga. He hoped for better opportunities in Mallorca. This is where he really wanted to start.

Is Hopi now fleeing to England?

The sand quickly entered the youth equipment. Hoppe only showed mixed performances, which quickly sent him to the bench. He has played only 128 minutes since his move. Perhaps the hoped-for place in the World Cup is in more danger than Schalke. This was definitely not what the correct appendix had imagined.

There were rumors some time ago that Hoppe wanted to leave Mallorca as soon as possible. At the time, a return to the United States (his homeland) was under discussion. So far nothing has come of it. Instead, he should go to England, and more specifically to second-tier club Middlesbrough. According to Diario de Mallorca and TeessideLive, the change is almost perfect. The English will send about three million euros to the Spanish island. This is about 500,000 euros less than what the club transferred to Gelsenkirchen at the time.


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Hoppe may adapt to change. Perhaps a fresh start will put him back on the fast track. (fp)