October 5, 2023

FC Luzern-Feyenoord: Match tape from Rotterdam

FC Luzern-Feyenoord: Match tape from Rotterdam

Our Rotterdam correspondent reports from the city and everything about the Feyenoord match against FC Lucerne

In the Conference League qualifiers, Lucerne will play the second leg away against Feyenoord Rotterdam (Thursday, 8pm). Our on-site reporter takes you on a journey in this bar.

Preview tomorrow night’s game here:

FC Luzern wants to find ‘competition mode’ and believes in turning against Feyenoord

Janick Wetterwald, Rotterdam

6:47 PM

Brief shock moment: My laptop battery suddenly ran out and the plug didn’t fit the Dutch socket. The hotel could not provide me with a suitable adapter, so I circled downtown and bought a solution to the problem.

This white thing saved my evening.

The laptop is working again, I’m happy and the preview for tomorrow’s game is as good as it is ready.

4:27 pm

Conversations ended with coach Celestine and FCL player Tassar.

At the team hotel, FCL coach Fabio Celestini answered...

At the team hotel, FCL coach Fabio Celestini answered…

Photo: Martin Meinberger/FreshFox

..and midfielder Farul Tassar my questions.

..and midfielder Farol Tassar my questions.

Photo: Martin Meinberger/FreshFox

At 5.30 pm, the final training will take place at Feyenoord Stadium. The team drives to the stadium by car at 5 p.m.

Until then, Marco Porsche and Sylvain Seidler will be competing at the hotel’s table tennis table. The win goes to Obwalden, 11:7 to Burch. Note: With this score for FCL tomorrow against Feyenoord, the feel will be perfect. 😉

3:29 pm

The foreclosure from the first stop (0:3) is great, but I still ask you:

3:06 pm

Change of plan: The press conference with FCL coach Fabio Celestini and midfielder Farol Tassar will take place at the team’s hotel – not on the field as planned. Fortunately, I am flexible with my bike. It’s going to take until the 3:45 p.m. press conference, and I’ll be here and getting ready.

11:40 AM

FCL striker Pascal “Pasci” Schürpf travels with him to Rotterdam despite his injury: he helps the social media team as a trainee.

Climate forecast:
He takes Insta-Story for Insta-Story and puts himself entirely at the service of the team. It doesn’t matter who scores the goals. The main thing is for them to win the game.

So, I’m going to put five cents in a pig phrase.

10:30 am

So, the hotel is busy. Now take a look around the city – on my bike:

Reporter Janek Witterwald explores Rotterdam by bike.

Reporter Janek Witterwald explores Rotterdam by bike.

Photo: Play

In the afternoon from 3 pm at the De Kuip Stadium in Feyenoord Rotterdam. This is where FC Luzern’s final press conferences and training take place.

09:51 AM

Final stop: Rotterdam Central.

The place is nice here and there is a bike path under the station:

09:29 am

Easy 25-minute train journey from Amsterdam to Rotterdam:

By the way, the same applies here everywhere:

8:31 AM

Spotted at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport:

Don’t forget to laugh today. 😃

8:22 a.m. – Earlier than expected in Amsterdam

If Lucerne played as fast as tomorrow’s plane flew, the feeling is inside. I landed in Amsterdam very early but without incident.

In the next few hours, the train will continue to Rotterdam.

6:16 am – Let’s go

LZ is on the way! Arrived safely at Zurich Airport. Departure to Amsterdam at 6.40 am – planned arrival at 8.15 am.

Rise – and the sun slowly rises on the horizon in Zurich. The weather in the Netherlands should be good: sunny and about 25 ° C.

5:00 a.m. – Review your sports starting position

Review: The first leg match against Feyenoord Rotterdam at home on the domestic scene was not good for Lucerne. Fabio Celestini’s team lost 3-0. The task of the return leg at the Stade de Cuibbe will be difficult. To qualify directly, FCL needs to win by 4 or win by 3 even after extra time – and then go to penalty shootouts.

Here’s all about the game:

Guests from Rotterdam take the lead early.  (Photo: Mark Schumacher/Freshfocus)

Match report and notes

‘They put us under pressure everywhere’ – Lucerne apparently lost the match at home to Feyenoord 3-0

Janick Wetterwald

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