June 20, 2024

FC Bayern: Alphonso Davies donates all World Cup proceeds to a good cause - Canada

FC Bayern: Alphonso Davies donates all World Cup proceeds to a good cause – Canada

Game Chart: Mr. Davis, you are the new face of BioSteel sports drinks. Which flavor do you like the most?

Alphonso Davis: Clearly “Rainbow Twist”, tastes like a fruit punch. I like it very much. I am honored to work with BioSteel. After a workout on the court, the products are just the thing for your body — sugar-free, of course. For an athlete who needs to drink a lot to replenish electrolytes after exercise, what they eat during recovery is very important. And it should not contain sugar.

Sports Illustrated: All of Canada looks ahead to the World Cup in November and Qatar. 36 years after the final in Mexico in 1986, you qualified with the Canadian national team. How emotional was that for you?

Davis: It was amazing that we made it. I am very grateful for that. Our nation has been waiting for this moment for so long. But now in Qatar we want to prove we deserve it and show what our generation of players can do in the company of the best nations in the world. Everyone is highly motivated. We can’t wait to get started.

Sports Illustrated: What do you expect, what do you expect from the 2022 World Cup?

Davis: The worst thing we can do is go into games scared. Being seen in hindsight may help. Precisely because Canada hasn’t done that in a long time, we may be underrated. But that’s football, anything can happen. Many top teams lost to underdogs. We want to annoy the adults and disappoint them.

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Game Chart: How realistic do you see your chances of reaching the Round of 16 in a group with runners-up Croatia, secret favorites Belgium and Morocco?

Davis: We have to focus on ourselves, keep a clear head, go out on the pitch and play our game. We do not back down from competition. Belgium should be a strong opponent, they simply have a better team. Croatia has a lot of experience, having been in the final in Russia in 2018. And Morocco had an incredible run at this year’s African Cup of Nations, reaching the quarter-finals. But we Canadians love a challenge like this, and now we want to make history. Of course, every team participates in a tournament and wins it. Our main focus: go there, play our football, enjoy it and reach the knockout stage, through all the best teams.

Game Chart: You’ve announced that you’ll be donating all of your proceeds from the World Cup to charity.

Davis: This is very important to me. My parents came to Canada as refugees and the country adopted us and welcomed me and my family. Everything I learned in life, I learned in Canada. And being able to play for my country is enough for me. It’s an honor. Plus, I want to do something good for people in need – give something back to my country. The overwhelmingly positive reactions have made me very happy.

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