FC Aarau: Match report and live indication of 1:2 defeat in Vaduz

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This defeat hurts: should you worry about Aarau after the 2-1 draw at Vaduz?

In Liechtenstein, where Aarau has been waiting for victory since 2015, the team suffered its third defeat in a row. The course of the match and the outcome do not match at all.

German goalkeeping legend Oliver Kahn invented the sentence, but it may also come from a player at Aarau these days: “If it’s bad, it’s bad!”

A week ago, a 0:2 house went bankrupt and a penalty not given when the score was 0:0 against Thun. On Tuesday, despite the best chances of scoring, was the cup match against the upper class, but anything but to beat the sport of Lausanne. And now the third defeat in a row, 1:2 in Vaduz, after the second half which was one of the best defeats Aarau has experienced so far this season.

Competitive luck plays against Aarau

But let’s start from the beginning: FCA defender Bastian Konos’ long-range shot after 50 seconds against the bar unleashes a game with many trials and tribulations. Arau is the deciding factor in the match from the start, but then he trails 0:1 after 11 minutes. Goalkeeper Simon Enzler would have saved Dobras’ shot had Bergsma not deflected the ball. The first unfortunate situation from Aarau’s point of view follows immediately: after about half an hour FCA’s top scorer Ulrich drops Spadanoda in the penalty area, the referee does not award Torkis a penalty because the Vaduz player touched the ball too lightly.

A more significant controversial decision shortly after the first half break: Torx this time refers to the penalty spot, but to the decision in front of Aarauer Tor, claiming to have seen a foul by Jäckle on Simani.

As before, it’s a fiftieth and fiftieth decision. The verdict is not entirely wrong on both occasions, but what else could apply if he decides the opposite. It is good for Vaduz and more bitter for the people of Aarau, who are at a point where the luck of the competition is plotting against them.

FC Arao can’t be defeated

And it gets worse: Spadanoda’s first shot on the edge of the goal came in the 53rd minute, before he came to the scene where there can be no two opinions: Randy Schneider being attacked and TV pictures show that the foul happened exactly on the penalty area line – he should have awarded a penalty instead. Free kick for Aarau.


Vaduz – Aarau 2:1 (1:0)

Rheinparkstadion. – 784 spectators. – SR: Turk. – Goals: 11 Al-Dibras 1-0. 52. Cicek (Pen) 2: 0.64. Schneider (Spadanuda) 2: 1.

Vaduz: bushel; Rahimi, Schmid, Samani; Ulrich, Gajic (80. Lüchinger), Dobras, Hug; Cicek (68. Jacir), rap, de Gusto (80. Djokic).

Arao: Insler; Geiger, Thaler; Bergsma, Konos; Jäckle, Njie (81. Avdyli); Balage, Schneider, Spadanoda; wrinkles;

Comments: Vaduz without Antoniazi, Ebrisimovic, Pfizer (all injured), Saglam and Strobe (all not in the squad). Arau without Amiter, Gashi, Colaco, Thyson (all injured), Caserta and Senyurt (both not in the squad). – Simani hits the crossbar 49. 53. Spadanoda hits the crossbar. 88 hit plage. Warnings: 27. Konos, 33. Schneider, 67. Cicek, 69. Rahimi, 71. Jacek (all rotten playing), 79. Simani, 79. Spadanoda (both unsportsmanlike).

Twice without luck, once without – Against this backdrop, the people of Aarau must be given credit for not allowing their misfortune to frustrate them. In the second half, they tied Vaduz in half, launched one superb attack after another, and defended the opponent’s counterattack in a clear way. The symbol of oppressive supremacy is Vaduz’s three yellow cards within four minutes, which, the longer the game lasts, only work in survival mode.

After 64 minutes, the well-deserved follow-up goal fell by Schneider, perfectly prepared by Spadanoda. And when Ballage was acquitted after 87 minutes, the 100 Fiat Chrysler fans who had already flown with him shouted the goal – too soon – to Latte again!

This defeat is painful, and a great performance after the break is no consolation. However: You don’t have to worry about the FCA (yet).

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