February 22, 2024

Favorites, Spectacles and Curiosities: You Have to Know This About USA GP - Formula 1

Favorites, Spectacles and Curiosities: You Have to Know This About USA GP – Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton is a favourite. © APA / afp / ANDREJ ISKOVIC

It wouldn’t be the USA if the Formula 1 US Grand Prix didn’t offer a great show program alongside a thrilling World Cup movie.

There is a scene in Texas. Several 100,000 spectators are expected to participate in the days until Sunday. The 17th race of the season is above all the continuation of the title duel between first sprinter Max Verstappen of Red Bull and record champion Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes. And even more.

Who is your favorite in Austin?
Everything is talking about Hamilton. Seven times world champion Mercedes has increased its speed in the latest races and is looking a little bit at Red Bull once again. And Austin is Hamilton anyway: He’s won five of eight races at the Circuit of the Americas. Two years ago, a second place behind teammate Valtteri Bottas was enough to secure the World Cup early.

What makes Austin special?
Mick Schumacher puts it in a nutshell: “It’s a big show, a lot is always happening.” There’s a little Hollywood too often when you visit Formula 1 Texas. And the course is amazing. Opened in 2012, it offers a distinct advantage with a steep walkway after the start of the first curve. The course layout promises exciting duels once again. The fact that Austin hadn’t driven a year ago increases anticipation among drivers. Plus: It’s going to be prom this weekend again. Billy Joel performs with Twenty One Pilots and Kool & The Gang. O DJ Diesel, known to many as Shaquille O’Neal, the former NBA star.

How is Formula 1 being accepted in the US in the meantime?
The motorsports premiere category continues to make its way forward. In the future
A second US race will be added this year, in May 2022
Miami was first planned on the racing calendar. He wants that too
Haas Team USA – part of the team since 2016 – for next season
Get a sporty start with Mick Schumacher. when
The series has also proven to be an interest accelerator for the racing series
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Could there be a preliminary decision on the World Cup?
In Austin, two-time defending champion Hamilton was crowned early. It won’t happen this time. But even Max Verstappen cannot make a premature decision. In the title duel, the 24-year-old Dutchman is only six points ahead of the 12-year-old Briton. Everyone assumes that the remaining six races will last the same amount. One thing that shouldn’t happen in Austin either: fail or zero.

What about Kimi Raikkonen and Austin?
It happened in 2018. He dramatically won the US Grand Prix, at that time as a Ferrari driver. For the Finn, it was his last 21 Grand Prix victories so far, and therefore in all likelihood also in his career. Raikkonen, who celebrated his 42nd birthday last Sunday, will leave Alfa Romeo and the first class in motorsport after this season.