December 2, 2023

Ihn wirft so schnell nichts um: Phil Szczesny von 78 überzeugt im Nationalteam.

‘Fantastic, very impressive’: Wolfpack and Chesney fifth at the World Championships

With a blade of grass, said Phil Szczesny of Hannover 78, the German Seven managed to avoid defeat to the United States in the fifth-place match at the Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton. In the gold score, the “Wolfpack” team defeated the Americans with a score of 24:19, the best result was the selection of Germany in the World Championships. In Canada, “Wolfpack” was invited as an invitation team. “It was amazing and very impressive,” Chesney said.


Germany finished the first championship in Vancouver in ninth place. In Edmonton it is clearly improved. “Another great day for German rugby,” said national team coach Damian McGrath.

After a 17:19 injury-time defeat against Ireland, the 19:10 match against Great Britain saw its first win over a major opponent, followed by 55:5 against Jamaica. Germania’s Niklas Koch made his first of three attempts in this game. Thus, he was entered for the first time in the quarter-finals of the World Championships.

Against Kenya, the Wolfback fought after a 7:24 deficit, Chesney tried to make the score 17:24, but there was nothing more. For the 29-year-old athlete, this was one of six successful breakouts in Edmonton, and the next two he made at 21:7 over HK in the placement tour.

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Against the United States, within the hut of balance, the 23-year-old from the police sports promotion group dived into the penalty area with a bold act – video evidence confirmed the important attempt. Chesney tied at 19:19. Shortly after the final siren—in rugby seven, the game doesn’t end until the next interruption—the Americans seemed to have given up trying. Once again, video evidence determined that the ball did not hit the ground. Chris Ohme of Berlin had thwarted the attempt and immediately put together a decisive one for Germany itself, the exhilaration was immense.

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Bastian van der Bosch (formerly Himmer) is no longer in Edmonton. He had traveled home to help his wife with their upcoming daughter’s birth.