June 19, 2024

Fan dies after falling from escalator at Steelers Stadium

Fan dies after falling from escalator at Steelers Stadium

Munich – Sad news from the United States. A spectator died after an NFL game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Jets.

The Pittsburgh Department of Public Safety announced that police and emergency services were alerted shortly after the end of the game after a spectator fell on an escalator at Acresor Stadium.

An NFL fan dies after falling at Steelers Stadium

Paramedics take care of the victim at the scene before he is taken to hospital in critical condition. The fan died there shortly afterwards. The local authorities did not say who he was.

“We are aware of the unfortunate incident that occurred today at Acresor Stadium,” the Steelers said in a statement. “We are working with and assisting local authorities in investigating the incident. We send our thoughts and prayers to the guest’s family.”

The Steelers lost 20-24 to the New York Jets.

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