June 21, 2024

Fan Control for Windows: Fan Control also shows temperatures in Fahrenheit

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Fan Control, which is free for private use, can now also output temperatures in Fahrenheit in the updated version v192. Another new feature is that the fan speed is now shown in percentage in the tray icon.

Additionally, Fan Control v192 can display any screens in the taskbar icon in three-digit format. In addition to smaller innovations, version 192 for Windows also includes minor bug fixes. For example, according to the developer, the issue that occurred when changing sensor sources has been fixed.

Users can find more detailed information about modifications in Fan Control v192 at Official release notes Read slowly.

  • Fahrenheit display option
  • Tray icons % for fan speed
  • Drawer code now supports 3 digits
  • Fixed a bug when changing sensor sources
  • See current temperature. While editing the chart

Fan Control v192 – Release Notes

Slim fan controller with many functions

Fan control allows individual control of the fans in your computer. Regardless of whether it is manual, depending on different temperature sources (CPU, GPU, motherboard, hard drives, sensor coil) or based on fan curves. Individual fans are controlled via a clear dashboard-style interface that can also be customized. More information about the project is available at Official Website To exist.

Propeller Control - Propeller Curve
Propeller Control – Propeller Curve (Image: Propeller Control)

Download on ComputerBase

The fan control software in current version v192 can be downloaded as usual from the ComputerBase download area directly below this post.


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    Fan control allows individual control of the fans in your computer.