July 16, 2024

Fake Airpods Pro are often difficult to spot

Fake Airpods Pro are often difficult to spot

Apple Airpods Pro are fake

These are real: If you buy from trusted retailers, you can be absolutely sure that you are carrying real Airpods Pro. Photo: Franziska Gabbert / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

At the moment, offers are observed in the online markets, where the Airpods Pro are offered as goods B or as good as new transmissions for around 170 euros. Here is an expert order based on the test.

First impression: High quality packaging. And the headphones felt high and original quality even when unloaded. But the inconsistencies are starting to run – from the wrong pairing routine to the brief periodic freezing of the iPhone.

Incredibly bad sound

Correct, one Query at an Apple A valid Airpods serial number, albeit expired warranty. But the first time they clicked Play, the testers were clear: “The Airpods Pro sound so bad that you can hardly believe it.”

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After that, it was absolutely certain that it must have been fake. The attempt to update the firmware brought the final certainty. Because Apple never released the installed version (0B896).

Experts’ conclusion: It’s scary how much work fraudsters put into producing fake headphones. Due to the ultimately high quality of counterfeit products, there is a risk that many buyers who are not exactly tech enthusiasts may not notice the fraud. On the other hand, if you notice something, Apple’s shell merchants should have a dedicated page Transfer.

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Evidence of forgery

Since counterfeit products with different characteristics are in circulation, some material deviations are only noticeable when directly comparing with the original, and counterfeiters basically learn and make changes, there can be no general advice. However, the testers summed up their observations indicating the presence of a fake:

– There are spelling errors on the packaging similar to “Dseigned By Apple”

The writing on the charging case and headphones themselves is difficult to read

– In the case cover, the battery capacity is completely different from 519mAh

– Active noise cancellation does not work for headphones

– Various weights: Fake Box Weighs 43.3g (Original Box: 45.8g) and Fake Headphones 7.5g (Original Headphones: 10.9g)

Serial number and warranty inquiry for Apple devices

Apple reported fake merchants